The Shower  

Jonny_RottenGuy 45M
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2/19/2006 11:02 am

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3/26/2006 11:47 pm

The Shower


Turn on the shower...make sure you run it for at least 20 minutes before you get in so as its just right and bathroom is fully misted over.
Take off clothes and place them sectioned in the laundry basket
according to lights and darks.
Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown.
Look at your womanly physique in the mirror - make mental note to do more sit-ups/leg-lifts etc. & make mental note its time to book in for waxing.
Get in the shower.
Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide loofah and pumice stone.
Wash your hair once with quecumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins.
Wash your hair again to make sure it is clean.
Condition your hair with conditioner enhanced with GRAPEFRUIT and mint.
Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes until red.
Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body wash.
Rinse conditioner off hair.
Shave armpits and legs.
Turn off shower.
Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower.
Spray mould spots with tile cleaner.
Get out of shower.
Dry with towel the size of a small country.
Wrap hair in a super absorbent towel.
Return to bedroom wearing long dressing gown and the hand towel on head.

Start adding first of 20 different creams safe in the knowledge that you have only left one gallon of tepid water for the man to shower with.


Take off clothes while sitting on the edge of the bed and leave in a pile on the floor.
Walk naked to the bathroom.
If you see your wife along the way, shake todger at her making the "woo-woo" sound.
Look at your manly physique in the mirror. Admire the size of your todger and scratch your bum.
Get in the shower.
Wash your face.
Wash your armpits.
Blow your nose in your hands and let the water rinse it off.
Fart and laugh at how loud it sounds in the shower.
Spend majority of time washing privates and surrounding area.
Wash your bum, leaving those coarse bum hairs stuck on the soap.
Wash your hair, if there is any to wash
Make a Shampoo Mohawk.
Wee in the shower and glow in the knowledge that your wife could also but wouldnt, only time she can safely pee standing but doesnt .
Rinse off and get out of shower.
Partially dry off.
Fail to notice water on floor because curtain was hanging out of bath the whole time.
Clean off a small circle in steamed mirror so you can admire todger size in mirror again.
Leave shower curtain open, wet mat on floor, light and fan on.
Make sure there is enough body and head hair accumulated in the plug hole that she wont need stopper to take a bath next time.
If you pass wife, pull off towel, shake todger at her and make the
"woo-woo" sound again.
Throw wet towel on bed, her side of bed obviously.

An voilla your ready to be ravaged safe in the knowledge that you have washed for the first time in a week.

Am i Wrong??

Sulabula 46F
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2/19/2006 11:20 am may be right

Sula xxx

come visit my blog

saucy2005k 44F

2/20/2006 2:55 am

AdultFriendFinder is hilarious....and it just shows that we all act the same...well some gonna kill my man when he gets in... for peeing in the shower the dirty bastid....infact every time he goes for one now...i will ask that very question...xxxx

HBowt2 60F

2/20/2006 2:55 am

The shower is running...hurry up man........

Jonny_RottenGuy 45M

2/20/2006 5:24 am

AdultFriendFinder its a male privilage to do that. On that note i dont think you should think to deeply about swimming pools!!!! .. cough splutter and NO i Dont Pee in swimming pools, i go there to wash only lol

Where did i leave my facial scrub and tweezers(not for tiny) lol

Heavenly farts in the shower, did anyone else notice that apart from me lol

Jonny_RottenGuy 45M

2/20/2006 8:34 am

ladies release trapped wind, they never fart

I dotn know no ladies damn it lol

Allsleeky 37F

2/27/2006 6:18 am

I pee in the shower.

Jonny_RottenGuy 45M

3/7/2006 3:32 am

See i knew weemens peed in shower lol

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

3/7/2006 4:38 am

Great post

made me smile

Now how do i shower...

I strip off

Get in to the shower

Turn on the water..

stand there letting the water run over me for ages

Then start soaping every where.. Dove.. I love dove.. its so very smooth and creamy..

Next wash my hair...

Turn off the shower

Big fluffy towel

Im done

Wanna dry my back

rm_gata11459 59F
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3/13/2006 3:12 am

lmao xooxo gata

Peace xxx K

guns_hound 53F
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3/22/2006 2:07 am

jonny gundog here you are so right mate i couldnt have described shower time any better lol..... i must say you have the differences between men and women down to a fine art.... THIS BLOG REALLY MADE CH AND MYSELF SMILE @ A TIME WHEN ITS HARD TO DO ....... THANKS JONNY. your good friends guns_hound and gundog 6969 xxxxxxxxx
still no ring!!!! lmaoooooo

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