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8/18/2006 12:04 am

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Well, um, I'm really not quite sure what to say... but I was told to write an entry and I don't want to be punished, so that's pretty much it.
This thing is sort of my fault... I won't get to see my master until October and threw a temper tantrum about being bored and then several hours later he's got the profile up...

Um... Jon is my master, has been since December. It's quite interesting; 95% of the time I love being his slave. Everyone says I'm high-strung so being owned is quite soothing. But sometimes it's quite frustrating because I feel like something is sooo unfair and I get so ANGRY and act on that... and then get punished. I am not a masochist, and fear of pain is quite motivating.

I know my master hoped for something much more sexual but I haven't done anything lately. Except tomorrow, he's going to have me broadcast my webcam. At first I was dreading it, but now... the thought is making me squirm a little, I'm slightly eager. I was going through cams earlier and I could not help but think "Oh, I could put on a MUCH better show." Right now, I'm really quite impatient. I'm shy and really self-concious but I'm an exhibitionist and am beginning to get into humiliation... so really, it's perfect.

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