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12/29/2005 1:42 pm

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Today I came across something that got me thinking how greedy people have become...

At work today I was asked to let someone go early tomorrow because this lad wanted to attend a friends funeral. My first reaction was to do everything in my power in order for me to be able to let him go (which I eventually managed to do and let him go accordingly), but as I was doing this I was confronted by another manager telling me that I not only should I have denied this request, I should have spoken to him and explain how much that would cost the company.

I ask,when does greed supra seed human kindness and common sense?

I've been noticing this, and I've probably mentioned this before but, what is there to gain in wanting more and more assets,money and what not? When will enough be enough, how much is needed to finally come to a point where people can turn around and say, “Well, Bob, I think I've got enough money now I won't need to screw anyone else now...”.

I'm being harsh here, I know this doesn't apply to everybody, some people just thrive on success and that inevitably leads to money, one thing gets mixed up with the other and voila, we live the situation I lived today. This isn't necessarily bad, it just gives people focus and objectives in life but then again....

Some people I've met live on this basis, their happiness is based upon how much they have on their VC and how big their bank account is.

Is right for me to think this is wrong? Fair enough I have motivation to become something and to do something I like, but I don't think I'd ever go to the point where I'd walk over someone to get what I want. I see money as what it is, a means of trade we use to obtain objects we “need”.

When does this “need” become the obsession and addiction that enables them to just ignore any form of humanity, compassion and common sense to obtain it? Is this just an invisible drug?

I know we need money, without it we could have a way of life, but how is it that some people in this world have none and still they manage to be incredibly happy?

I don't know, maybe I'm just naive, perhaps I just don't know how to savor the essence of having a big fat bank account with a big fat merc and a 20 room house, maybe my lack of ambition to obtain “things” and my lack of “need” just make me weak.

But you know what? I'm happier man knowing that at no point in time did I ever fall to the addiction of having “it” and that helping someone with a random act of kindness makes my day right there and then.

I form the opinion that one gets what one deserves. Actions form what you are and ultimately the form what you become.......

I'll always be happy with just having enough, making people happy is my happiness....


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