a fantasy...  

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2/9/2006 6:11 pm

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a fantasy...

Since some of you seem to think my real experience was something, I thought I'd share a fantasy just to take it up one more notch. It goes a little something like this... I show up at my master's house with a robe on and nothing underneath, just as she's commanded. When I get to the door and knock, her voice responds "it's open." I open the door to pitch blackness. As I'm standing in the doorway, I hear "strip off that robe." I begin to close the door but get stopped in my tracks by "with the door still open slut!" I let my robe fall, trying not to think of the view anyone in the neighborhood or driving by would have.

"Get on your hands and knees you dog!" I do as told. "Crawl to me." Not knowing exactly where she is, I crawl forward. Suddenly, a blindingly bright light comes on, and as my eyes adjust, I can make out the blurry figure of my master standing only feet away. However, her's is not the only figure I can see, as two other females and one male are seated on the couch staring at the pathetic little naked man on the floor. "I told you I had a slave..." (to be continued)

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