Things looking up...  

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8/11/2005 9:39 pm

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Things looking up...

I haven't updated my blog in a while. Quite frankly, I just haven't had the time to sit here and type very much. I've been a bit busy lately.

Anyway, I'm in a good mood and thought I'd take advantage of the situation. Usually I write when something is bothering me or I have something on my mind. Now is really not one of those moments.

It's been a strange, stressful, and at times surreal past two weeks. I did take some time off for a trip to the Great White North at the end of July. I visited on of my now favorite places -- Toronto, Ontario. I just love this city! I first visited this city three years ago. Since then it's become an annual trip for me. The most common thing I've ever heard about Toronto is how clean the city is. They even made a joke about this in the movie "Canadian Bacon". And you know what... it's true. I still can't get over how clean the city is. It's amazing!

As nice as the getaway to Canada was, since I've returned things have been kind of nuts.

First, there was a letter from the IRS in my mailbox waiting for me when I got back. That's never a good thing. According to them, there was a discrepancy in my 2003 tax return. There seems to be a problem with an employer from 2003. Namely, the amount of total income listed on the 1099 form that they sent me differs from the amount they reported to the IRS. Now the IRS is saying I owe them roughly $700 in back taxes. Not the kind of news you want to find waiting for you when you just get back from vacation.

I'm not too concerned about this. I know it's a simple mistake. However, the fact that I now have to dig through all my records (thankfully I still have my '03 return and all corresponding forms!) as well as contact the employer to get them to research their records to try and get to the bottom of things is quite a hassle.

Then, the condo board of the building I live in decided to fire the superintendent out of the blue. No owner's meeting, no discussion, no anything. Just *poof*... no more super. Since then, things have been pretty tense in the building. Lots of huffing and puffing everywhere I go. Lots of drama. Tempers are flaring.

On Tuesday night my car nearly broke down on me. It needed to go into the shop for immediate repair. So first thing in the morning I took it in to the shop. However, I wasn't able to get an immediate rental. I had to wait until mid afternoon to pick up a car. But first, I had to get to the rental car place. They wouldn't pick up, and the shop wouldn't provide transportation. The rental place was about 5 miles from the shop. So I had to get there on foot -- in the middle of a heat wave. I may not even get my car back before the weekend. Of course that means I have to keep the rental longer... and pay more money!

Plus, since I got back from my trip, there has been a very tense atmosphere at work. There's a feeling that someone may not have a job to return to next week... and that someone could easily be me.

So... I'm a little on edge.

But still, with all the stressful situations taking place around me, I still find myself in a good mood. I still feel happy. And I think I owe it all to this site.

I've met a few interesting people this week, and received some very nice messages from members. I've had a few nice chat sessions this week as well. This afternoon, I received a very nice message from a couple in the South. Totally out of the blue and totally unexpected. They simply dropped me a line to pay me a compliment. That was very nice. It totally made my afternoon.

As of now, things are going very well on this site. And I just feel like sharing my positive experiences.

So far I'm very pleased.

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