V-Day, ex with second thoughts and my reply  

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2/12/2006 11:45 pm

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V-Day, ex with second thoughts and my reply

V-day is coming up fast.... Don't really have a Valentine again this year, but not to broke up over it really(ok...ok...maybe just a lil broke up...).. I mean if ya love somebody why wait til Valentines day to show them.... And why go ALL out to do it... I can tell ya back in the day(first years of marriage)... A note tucked in my purse or a I love you in magnets on the fridge in the morning was enough to keep this chicka happy for days.... Maybe I am one of the easy, simple, uncomplicated ones, or maybe we are all like that deep down inside... Who Knows...?
Ah, now to the ex.... Seems he has had a change of heart... Bless his peapickin lil heart...NOT.. He could have had a change of heart two years ago and I could not have cared less even then... So.. Do I want to reconcile? Do you really have to think on that one? Not no..but Hell no... There is the door get to steppin.... I think maybe he was high when he asked me....
Oh well, I got a big laugh out of that one... I don't want ya'll to think I am mean... I am not... He put me thru some stuff I care NOT to get into... If I took him back I would have to be 100% certifibly insane... SO just to let ya know... I am not being a heartless BI***... I am being a wise one....
Take care!

rm_diggie71 45M
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2/13/2006 2:25 am

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