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5/17/2005 6:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I had so much fun this weekend.... I danced until my legs hurt... I had cherry vodka sours... Tequilla sunrises... Danced with some guys.... Got my ass slapped a few times.... Got grinded on.... Got hot... Really hot... Kissed a guy... A woman kissed me(what a surprise that was!).... Danced some more... Flirted... Spanked a guys ass.... And then went home... 3 days later and finally my hand over is gone... Can't wait.... Two weeks from now I will be out and about again!!! Woo Hoo! I am so happy it hurts....

leicesterguy85 33M
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5/18/2005 4:05 pm

lol ALL that info... but what i want to know is: any SEX?! I'm still on the search, well found some but TOO far

JoLeeS 41F

5/18/2005 5:06 pm

Nope Lei... But it was so much fun!!

leicesterguy85 33M
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5/19/2005 2:23 am

Well it's nice you had fun in other ways If only i wasn't living so far away from 'potentials'...

mygmyg 60M

5/19/2005 10:21 am

JoLees, a 3 day hang over? OUCH

Some advice for next excursion out! Eat a banana on the day your going out drinking, the potassium will help you retain some of the water in your system whille drinking. Also if you eat some pasta or other starchy food it helps too!
For the stuffy headache, upset stomach, the best I found is Alka seltzer plus cold tablets! Plop'em in a sprite(no caffeine, another dehydrant), about 5 or 6 OZ. the cold medicine really helps with the foggy, stuffed headache.
And when you can, eat another banana, your body is flushing all the alcohol and water from your body, the potassium will help hold the water in your system, which aids in getting you to feeling back to normal.

This is hands on research, over 20 years of working clubs and resturant/bars. hope it helps!!

mygmyg 60M

5/20/2005 10:04 pm

JoLeeS, thanks for perusin' my blog!

Vodka, extensive research done here... the brand of vodka is the problem. Some are double distilled, some triple distilled. each "distillation" removes impurities in the vodka. Impurities intensify the hangover.
A brand of vodka, "purity" wise that is hangover proof to my knowledge, when consumed without mixing in the shots and mixed not with too much sugar is "Chopin" vodka. Quadruple distilled...very "pure".

Initially allured to some vodka sampling at work, an occasional dirty martini, a liquor rep. came to my restaurant for a sampling session. Chopin was new as a premium vodka in the U.S. (early 90's),
and claimed no hangover from its' product, due to the 4 distillations.
That evening I consumed a 3/4 liter and a couple more vodka sodas, with a twist. Totalled out to a full liter and then some.
Yes, I was hammered, cab home, but in the morning....No headache, No stomach Queasiness, a bit blurry , a bit out of sorts, but no real side effects other than the typical dehydration. Banana!!!

JoLee if your acquired taste is Vodka, this could be a solution. many triple distilled Brands, they're all up on the top dollar shelves, Chopin, is right there on the shelf.
So that you know, only takes a shot or two of the wonderful cordials, Gran Marnier, Frangelico, Ameretto D... the sugar content combined with the alcohaol is a sledge hammer of a handover.
In short the shot drinks and mixing alcohol, beer and shots, wine to alcohol, etc. will bring out the anvil type hangovers.
So, do the preparation "eating", pastas, starches, fried cheese sticks, salads, to flush system full of hydration holders and perhaps the after effects are not as staggering over the long haul.

the top shelf liquors are and your fun are worth it.

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