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3/16/2006 12:22 am

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Kinda Curious!!!

I spend a great deal of time thinking of all the wonderfully great things that I enjoy doing with others. Now I don't mean just that fabulous "Naughty" stuff you might be thinking about...I'm talking about the Vanilla stuff also. I've been finding more and more that I've spent a great deal of time worrying about the needs of others and not giving much thought my own. I guess I just a passive guy.....I go with the flow so to speak. Or at least that's how I was. These days I've been more of a take charge kind of guy when life's not being too much. Now that's not as often as I would like but it's getting better.

I'll say that I'm liking things alot better when I weigh in on things so that I have a choice and don't just go with the flow. I all in all tend to have more "Fun". Now I'm not saying that letting go of control in the right situation can't be one hell of a good time, but I'm definitely enjoying letting it all hang out as far as what I want or don't want. I wonder how this works for others. I guess I'm just looking for that balance that gives me the feeling that I'm getting what I want as well as giving what is wanted from me. I'll say I'm closer to finding it than I've ever been before and the least bit of progress in that direction is wonderful.

Knowing what I want and knowing how to get it are both outstanding characteristics of a healthy whole person I imagine. At the same time I'd say not nearly enough of us have a firm grasp on the. I'm so much more satisfied with the balance I'm finding in both regards these days. Communicating my needs and desires....however wild and crazy or sweet and innocent has had some amazing results. It's fulfilling in a number of ways that words do no justice.

Perhaps for some of you this makes sense and for others I'm sure you'll be at a loss. This is just my cut on some things that have come to mind lately and thought I'd share. Leave a comment and let me know what you cut is on things if you don't mind.


andreasmith0203 41F

1/13/2010 4:57 pm

I think a lot of times it can be hard to determine what it is we really want as opposed to what we think we want. You get so many messages and images growing up and throughout your life about what you SHOULD want and sometimes you can wind up thinking that you want those things that everyone seems to think you should want, things like marriage or children or a million other things. That's how people wind up having the exact life they wanted only to discover they are miserable. I think its great when people really know want they want and aren't afraid to go after that and be themselves even if its different from the norm. I have know idea if that's what you were talking about, probably not, but its what your blog here made me think of!

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3/28/2016 8:55 am

We think you are absolutely correct here. We find an encounter where everyone feels comfortable enough to speak up about what they want is always a cut above all else. One way we have made sure this is possible, especially in a first meeting with someone, is to have a frank and open discussion of likes and limits prior to getting naked. First meetings are nerve-wracking enough as it is without the added stress of "flying blind" so to speak. Before we started doing this my wife used to complain that I was being bossing during our bi MFM encounters. What she didn't realize at the time was that our new male partners were hesitant to do or ask for what they desired for fear of offending. Now we always have a relaxed good time and everyone is happy and wanting more in the future afterwards.

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