Surprise Encounter  

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Surprise Encounter

Well my good friend from my first post, called me up this afternoon. His first words were "Hey babe, whatcha wearing?". So I obliged and told him that I was wearing a white tee, jeans, and a blue silk bra with matching panties. "Good deal" he said.

"How about you?" I said. And he said "Remember those black silk boxers you liked?" and I said "Yeah". "Those" he said "the rest doesnt matter." I giggled.

He said "Why dont you touch yourself a little?" Now why wouldnt I do that? So I slipped my hand down under my panties and started circling a finger around my clit. "Mmm" i moaned. "Are you really doing it?" he asked. "You asked me to, so yeah." "Good, I'm about 15 minutes outside of Cheyenne, got any plans tonight?" he asked.

"Sounds like I do now" I said, trying to sound all seductress-like (not sure if I did that well LO. And he said "K, see you in a few babe." and hung up.

So there I was on the couch, hand down my panties, rubbing myself wet, excited by the fact that my lover was so happy with me last time that he wants some surprise nookie now.

15ish minutes goes by, and the doorbell rings. I dont even worry abotu putting my jeans back on and answer the door. There he is, in slacks and a button up shirt, obviously just off of work. He shuts the door behind him, grabs my ass and pulls me close and we kiss for a few moments.

We go over to the couch and sit down, he puts his arm around my shoulders and then slides his other hand down into my panties and starts rubbing me. Damn, 1 minute in my apartment and he's in my panties. He's good.

He stands up and takes off his shirt and pants, leaving only his boxers. He sits back down and lays back against the pillow and I crawl over and lay on top of him. We start to kiss and he slides his hand down, and pulls out his cock, and then works it into my panties. He pushes his cock up between my pussy lips, but not into my pussy. Ah, so that's why he wanted me touchign myself, so I'd be wet right away and he could do this. It actually felt really really good - his shaft was sliding up and down between my lips and rubbing my clit.

So we kissed and did this for several minutes and he said "hey why dont you get down and bend over the couch, like on the cushion." I said ok, thinking he just wanted to fuck for a long time tonight, I was ready to so I didnt mind the lack of foreplay. So I got into position, but instead of him entering me, I felt his tongue on my lips as he slid my panties to the side. Mmmm alright, never been eaten out this way before. Maybe it was the new eroticness of the position or something, but after like 3 minutes I felt like I was going to orgasm. He slid his middle finger inside me and continued to tongue the flesh between my pussy and clit, and then on my clit, and all the sudden I was orgasming.

After I was done, he sat back down on the couch and smiled and said "I have to make you cum through oral, it just wouldnt be right if I didnt". I laughed, how corny. So I knelt down between his knees to return the favor. I pulled his nice big cock back out of his boxers and started to suck the tip, ocassionaly drawing my tongue around the edge of the head. I licked up and down the underside and then over the top. "Stop teasing" he said and I giggled, and then started to take his cock all the way in. He playedwith my hair and then put his hand on the back of my head and started pushing it in the rythm that he wanted. Afew minutes later I could feel his balls get all tight and I knew it was coming. He tensed up and his cum started shooting out into my mouth. His cum doesnt taste bad, so I swallowed it slowly.

"Mmm I love that" he said as I was getting up, he pulled on my waist and I straddled him. He put his hand on his cock and started rubbing the tip on my panties. He slid them aside, and before I could say anything he entered me. I dont have sex without a condom, unless I really know someone. So I was kinda scared for a second and I said "Hey you know I want you to use a condom." And while he was pulling off my shirt he said "you know I work at the clinic, I'm totally clean hun, and you're on BC right?" I know he wasnt blowing hot air, because he has called me from the clinic and I've seen it on the caller ID. And I've been on BC for a while, so I guess it's nothing too much to worry about.

So I said "Ok, well I guess you're right". At this point he leaned back and started fondling my breasts through the bra. The bra stayed on maybe a few seconds. He pushed me back to him and started licking my nipple. I'm not sure if he was trying to tease me by being inside of me but not doing any thrusting so I started moving my hips back and forth. He leaned back again and said "See what I missed last time? Damn you are hot, wet, and tight." He's right, condoms do suck. A nice hot cock inside, and being able to feel the head and all the veins is way better.

So I rode him nice and slow for several more minutes, and he said he wanted to go to the bedroom. So i got off of him and we walked ot the bedroom, holding hands. We stood there and kissed some more, and gently pushed me onto the bed. He put his hands on my ankles and put them on his shoulders as he slipped back inside me.

Remember, he has a nice upward curve. He started thrusting and I was in heaven. While holding up one ankle, he reached down and started rubbing my clit and I just couldnt take it and there was orgasm #2. What was even better, was he kept fucking me through the orgasm. Most guys like to slow down push deep, and I think they like the squeezing of the vaginal muscles during the orgasm. Anyway, this one lasted like twice as long as the one on the couch.

After it went down, he pulled out and said "you know what I like". And he laid down. Yup I do know - that incredible orgasm last time when I was riding him. So I straddled him and leaned forward, he held his cock and guided it back in me. Now I leaned way back and put my feet out beside his shoulders and started to thrust up and forward.

He started moaning pretty quick "Fuck yeah!" "Fuck yeah!" Mmmmm Jill, fuck that's good". I myself was damn close to another orgasm too - something about the curve of his thick cock, and the angle he was fucking me at, was just hitting the ultimate spot. I felt him tense up and felt drops of hot cum squirt into the back of my pussy. I havent been cum in without a condom in a long time, so the extra senses from the cum and his bare cock just took me to the edge again and I orgasmed right as his was done.

We rolled over and both smiled and kissed for a bit. He didnt pull out for abotu another 15 minutes or so, after we were done with the small talk.

So we arranged another date for next weekend, kissed good night and he took off.

SirMounts 104M

8/4/2006 1:57 pm

All of your writings are extremely good.
I like your blog, Jill. *smiling*

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