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3/5/2005 5:34 pm

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Another date

Hey all you AFFers. Well I had another date that I thought I would share. My friend from the previous blog had to work through Saturday this weekend, and we had talked and agreed that it wasn't an exclusive relationship. So I decided to give one of the guys in my network a ring, since we had been chatting over email a couple of times.

He answered, I introduced myself, and we chatted a bit. The conversation turned turned sexual fairly quickly. The usual questions like "How do you like it?" "Whats your favorite position?" etc. So he says "Jill, I gotta be honest with ya. I'm not interested in dating or going out and stuff, I just want to have some great sex with you." I was shocked - most guys are usually too chicken to say it, or try to smooth it out with dinner or a movie. It's just funny that I finally met a man who's not afraid to tell me he just wants to do it. I told him that's cool, and that I dont mind at all. So he asked if he could come over after work the next day, and I said it would be great.

So it's Friday. He coming over at 5:30, and I get off work at 5:00. I'm not sure if he'll be early or late, so I picked up the apartment the night before, and I put a nice little outfit that was acceptable at work, but nice and sexy underneath. I wore a plaid skirt, with a white silk blouse, and a matching plaid blazer. Underneath I had my black/purple teddy (the other blog has a description) with thigh highs attached. And of course heels.

So I get home, and I swear it was like 2 minutes later that the doorbell rang. I opened it up and there he was - all sexy in a black leather jacket, white tee (which showed some nice pecs), and some jeans.

I put his coat away and walked back to the living room, and he put his hands on my waist and said how hot I looked, and I told him he was pretty hot himself, and that he might like what was underneath. "All in good time" he said just before we started kissing.

He pushed me up against the wall and we started kissing pretty hard. I really liked how he was kind of aggressive with me, he knew what he wanted. I untucked his shirt from his jeans, and pulled it off of him. He has nice hard pecs, he definitely works out. I could feel him starting to get hard against my thigh, and he started kissing my neck, which I absolutely love. He kept kissing there and up and down to my earlobe, it was driving me nuts, and he also started grinding his crotch against mine.

He then started to unbutton my blouse and untucked it from my skirt. He moved his hand inside the blouse and started rubbing my breast through the teddy. He's very good at it, his fingertips were working my nipple, and his palm was squeezing the rest of it.

He unzipped my skirt and slid it down, and also took my blouse off. He smiled and said very nice. We started kissing again and he slid his hand down to my crotch and started rubbing my pussy through my teddy. I was already wet from when he was grinding his crotch against mine, now he was just making me hotter. He worked in his finger through the little convenience slit, and whispered "perfect" in my ear.

I reached down and undid his pants and slid his boxers down. Unlike my last partner, this man is a pretty hairy, but the night before I told him how I liked shaved men, and he shaved clean, even his balls. He's about 6 inches long erect, and decently thick. I started to stroke his cock, and moved his hands back up to my shoulders and slid the straps of the teddy down, and pulled them down enough to lower the cups of the teddy.

He pulled me over to the couch, and sat down and I straddled him. I lifted myself up enough that I could still stroke him nice and fast, and played with one nipple while he licked the other. He moved his other hand down, and slid his middle finger into my pussy and started to rub it in circular motions inside me. We did this for like 10 minutes, and I was so ready to fuck. He stopped and said that he knows what I need.

He laid back on the couch, and then told me to come over, he grabbed my waist and pulled it towards his head and I realized he wanted to 69. Hey, I'm willing to hold off on the penetration for some oral! So I straddled his chest and moved back a few inches and lowered my pelvis. He grabbed my ass and lowered my pussy to his tongue and he started shoving it in and out. Damn that felt good. His cock was hard as a rock and pointing straight up so I leaned down and started sucking the head while I stroked the shaft. Normally I like to be a little more lady-like about giving head, and doing a little licking and kissing before I just go down, but I was so into it at that point that I just decided, what the hell.

So I started sucking his whole shaft, moving my head up and down. He's fingering my clit while he's tongueing my pussy, and it's feeling great. Like I said, I rarely orgasm off of oral, and he knew it but he said he likes to do it anyway. So I'm holding his balls and sucking away and I can feel him getting really into it, moving his hips and down, and he starts moaning "Jill I'm gonna cum". I think he was warning me because he was trying to be polite, but I let him cum in my mouth anyway. He was the usual tangy-salty taste so I swallowed as fast as I could.

As his orgasm winded down, I got up and sat next to him on the couch. He smiled and said thanks, and then he got up and stood in front of me. His cock was hanging down just a little from going limp. Here I am thinking that he's gonna be done after a BJ, so it was a relief when he said "mind sucking me some more? always gets me hard again". Of course I agreed and took him back in my mouth, and like 2 minutes later he was nice and hard again.

So right before I stopped sucking he said "I'm ready to fuck, let's fuck Jill". So I smiled and told him I needed to grab a condom, and my stash was in the bathroom. I thought we were gonna do it on the couch, but he followed me to the bathroom. So I took it out, opened the package, and slid it on his cock.

He put his hands on my waist and turned me around, and I bent over the sink in front of the mirror. He slid his cock in like an inch, then back out and then a little further in. Once he was all the way in, put his hands on my shoulders and started to fuck me pretty fast. I was holding on to the sides of the sink just so that we wouldnt slip and fall. He was thrusting pretty deep and I was worried that I would piss off a neighbor because every time it made me moan really loud.

After like 5 minutes of nice hard fucking he stopped and said that he wanted to fuck more before he came. So he pulled out and we walked to the bedroom. He laid on his back on the bed, and I straddled his waist. In the usual riding position, I grabbed the headboard and he grabbed my ass. At first, he wantd it really slow, so he lifted me up until he almost popped out and then slid me back down really slow. After a few minutes, he started doing it fast again. It was maybe like a minute before I could feel my pussy muscles tighten, and I didnt feel like stopping it so I started orgasming. While I was doing so, he didnt stop lifting me up and down, and I could tell he was close to cumming too because his face was all red and his eyes were closed. So right as I came down off mine, his whole body tensed up and I could feel the condom tip get all stiff, full of cum.

So after a minute we rolled over and slid out. He kissed me on the forehead and said "thanks that was awesome" and he got up and started heading to the living room. He reclothed and we chatted a couple of minutes, both agreeing that we would like to do it again.

So there you go! Happy AFFing!

rm_markmjk054 63M
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3/5/2005 8:03 pm

I would be a real schmuck not to comment on your happy date - You wrote the whole experience just wonerfully, I really enjoyed the read. You were great

IPman 62M
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3/6/2005 4:51 am

Great story! Thanks for sharing it

TzarsCannySmite 53M

3/6/2005 9:36 am

Jill .. love how oyu write about your sexual encounters. It is really hot how you detail the whole story. Love a woman is willing to admit she "just wants to fuck" not all the other ps when the point is pleasure! Have fun and keep sharing.

mnfun952 103M

3/6/2005 11:32 am

Sometimes...that's exactly what you need - it's all about the full spectrum of sex. My last blog post (on my blog) talks a bit about this.

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