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5/4/2006 6:08 pm

I think somebody's tryin' to scam me out of some money. I got an email on this site a few days ago from some guy claiming that it was actually a girl using her cousin's account since she didn't have her own. Left me an email address, and when I sent a message she responded the next day with a "ooh i wanna meet u tonight look at the pics on my site and think about it". 'She' left an email address that had one picture on it, but said that if you registered with the site (claiming it was free), that I could view a bunch of her nude pics. I realized what was going on and sent back another email saying that I was interested in meeting but wanted to know more about her since she didn't actually have her own AdultFriendFinder account. It's been about a week, and I still haven't gotten a response.

Just so you people don't fall for this scam, I'll post the emails sent, and the account name that was used.

First Email (sent through AdultFriendFinder)
SENT BY: All_timehqyh
27 year old Man
Springdale, Montana

How are you? Excuse my using my cousin`s account, because I don`t have my own. Let it be our secret. Send your letters at diannetoffer at yahoo. Unfortunately, I don`t have sex often, just once in a while. Ya can help me, can`t u? Let`s talk later.

Second Email (sent through gmail)

Dianne Toffer
to me May 3 (1 day ago)

Hi there James ! I just got your email. Just to be
sure, you are that guy on AdultFriendFinder right? Sorry for the
profile weirdness, I promise I will make it up to you *wink* I'm glad that you wrote though. So... what are you doing today? I always have half-days on Wednesday's so I'm going to do some shopping run, some errands, then go to the gym a little earlier than usual. I am planning on meeting afew friends tonight after they get off of work, unless other plans come up. (hint, hint... lol)so what are you up to? I am feeling a little naughty
right now. Just checking my messages and surfing for some new porn. Do you like to watch porn? Alot of guys think it is soo weird that I like it, its funny. What kinds of things are you into? I guess my favorite thing is oral, i love both giving and receiving. 69 can be really fun too! I attached my pic to the email so you can see me, tell me what you think (or what you would like to do to me would be ok too) You can check out my homepage too, it has some more info about me.. and a some more pics
http: // www. accessmediahost .com /dianneswebsite
(NOTE: I added the spaces so it'd show up)
Do you want to chat? I am on AIM, do you have an ID I can reach you at? I will be on for another hour or so.

Talk to you soon, I hope
xoxo, Dianne

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red_hot_trucker 59F

5/28/2006 5:45 pm

Just wanted to see what was going through the minds of 19 year olds these days...

My Nigerian Scammer wanted me to accept a check from a third party, cash it, take some for me, of course for my efforts, and wire him the rest. Now, I'm not one for criminal activity, however that looked like money laundering to me,,,Reported it to the FBI, for what good it did, I guess the bureaucrats are still tied up with steroids in baseball.

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