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7/29/2005 5:47 am

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9/12/2006 1:20 pm


Good morning to all! With all of the responses yesterday to my questions it has prompted me to put this out there.

My best friend seems to be having major issues in her life and one of which is that she is not a swinger and that her husband is into swing sites. Okay so how annoying is it when find a guy who is on this site and it says couple and you find it is a married man only. She say to me that she feels it is cheating to be on the web cam. In a way I agree with her but at the same time my concerns are further than that...she has a 2 year old who runs around naked and the web cam is right there further more he has given it it's own icon with no pass code so the kid just has to click the icon. I understand the frustration in that respect, but I don't understand why she is mad at him at least he is honest with her of what she likes this would have been better discussed before the marriage. I though well how cool he wants to include her and she is just disgusted. I don't know how to help her and now she is not talking to me...Like I can control what her husband likes. Yes I am a swinger but I did not make him like this stuff he just likes it. Furthermore this is the 2nd marriage for her this has happened in she let the last cause he was fucking around with both men and women and he wanted her to swing and she said no. All the more reason she should have discussed this before the new marriage.
Now I can understand not liking the web cam but whats wrong with him looking at nude photos? Does this mean he can't pick up a porno mag as well? Any thoughts out there ?

P.s thanks to all who responded yesterday!

eternal1969 48M
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7/29/2005 11:52 am

I guess the difference lies in fantasizing about sex with other people vs actually doing it... do I make sense?
Anyway, must say your pics are HOT! Way to go gal

freeexec 54M

8/5/2005 9:24 pm

I wish I knew how to introduce my girlfriend to it gently. I'm not into it either but I'm so curious I probably couldn't marry her unless she tried it with me to see if either of us like it or had to have it or whatever. She goes to strip clubs with me but that's the extent of our experience so far.

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