Laws of Attraction  

JayRTee2 52M
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11/22/2005 11:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Laws of Attraction

It has been an unending source of fascination for me. What attracts two people, in love or friendship.Because the deeper you look, the frather you cast your glance and research, the more diverse the answers become.

One takes for granted that it is compatibility, likesness of nature, certain looks that brings people together. But I doubt if there is any truth to tose ascertions, for each such togtehrness has its own unique print, as different the fingerrpints we have. Those tiny whorls that make us all different.

When two people get to know each other, over a period of time and fall in love it is different. There is a sense of belonging there, a cushion in the knowledge of the other person as a person. But what I am talking about is the attraction that brought them together in the first place.

For example, I have met a few people on this site. Take Smooth for example. Our emails were crisp and almost businesslike. There was nothing that even remotely had a sense of urgency to it. Or take Simi. I love the way she thinks, she is an amusing person person and a wonderfully literate one. I would enjoy a cup of coffee with her. Maybe after that I might - or might not - be inclined to go further. The laws of attraction are there but the magnetic pull is rather weak. The exchanges with many lady friends were there, but most were just that email exchange, rather dispassionate.

And then there is this lady, Plain as Tea she calls herself. She intrigues me, she makes me wonder and think. She makes me want to explore her. Not just her mind, not just see what she looks like, to explore her, to bare her and reach out and find the kernel, that small little thing we call soul. I have never met her, all I have done is chat a few times with her. But the magnetic nature of attraction is strong. It pulls me asunder.

And it is not that I am a sexual glutton. It is not that all I want from her is a hot passionate lay. I want to know her better, as a person. As a friend. I want to know what brings her to orgasm but I also want to what makes her cry and laugh.

Why her. What makes her so unique among the hundreds that I know. A question I can't answer because I do not know the answer myself.

And as it is with life, sometimes such attractions are just one sided. They end up to nothing. Sometimes, though rarely, they bare fruition. They blossom into a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Just thinking aloud on a blue day....

rm_foxxychica 45F
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11/26/2005 5:50 am

I think, you have achieved wot I previously thought UNachievable... i.e. to render me speechless. *wry laugh*

I am not as articulate nor literate as most of your adoring readers may be to adequately explain how reading your posts always leave me... touched. It's like you just opened a door and accessed my most personal thoughts.

It reminds me of a cheesy 80s movie "Thief of Hearts" where the heroine thinks she had met her soulmate in the 'hero' because he knew everything there was to know about her without her having to tell him anything... not knowing that he had stolen her diary and read all her innermost thoughts and desires. (Yesss.. I TOLD you it's cheesy.. )

My promise to myself today is... to believe again in... possibilities. *enigmatic wink*

Smooth_GaL 35F  
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2/6/2006 7:18 pm

First time reading ure blog... Surprised you think i'm all crisp and almost businesslike never thought you would think of me in that manner.. Well that's ure thought just caught me off guard.. Hmmmm still wondering was i that businesslike to you?? Oh crap now i'll be having this thought the whole day....

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