Fireworks at the park... and in the car.  

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7/11/2006 3:40 pm

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2/25/2007 7:40 pm

Fireworks at the park... and in the car.

Well, my week had been sucking so hardcore, nothing to do, no one to see, up until the local fireworks display.
Well, I saw my friends, downed a few beers, was just relaxing when the hot, curly-haired blonde with SUCH a great ass comes walking over and sits on my lap, talking to my friend Kenny.
I thought nothing of it, just a place to sit (even with open patio everywhere) until, after about a few minutes, this little blonde sexpot starts rubbing her ass against my cock! Well, it's been awhile, so I'm hard in less than a second, and that just makes her move more!
Well, it was pretty much it for awhile, it got dark, and I sat over by myself to enjoy my beer and the show, when this same little 17 year old hottie saunters over to me again (her name is Ally). Well, we're sitting I'm leaned back on my hands, watching the show, when I suddenly feel hands in my pants, this damned crazy chick had my pants undone (I never heard or felt a thing!) and was pulling my cock out, which by now was rapidly hitting my rather proud 8 1/2" length, and proceeded to smile at me and slide it into her mouth!
I almost shot a load into her mouth righ then, but managed to hold off for a while, enjoying this well-talented little blonde's mouth on my hard, pretty unused tool, and managed to hold out long enough for the fireworks to end, at which I just let go and shot a full load down her waiting throat with a moan.
I figure I'm done from there, but it turns out I'm oh so wrong, she walks me back to her car (i walk, I don't like to drive) and offers me a ride home, which I have no problem with, getting into her car and heading out, but she never even asks where my house is and stops in a local parking lot, turns to me with a lusty glint in her eye, and says "If you don't fuck me with that cock of yours I swear to god I'm going to explode!"
Well, I've never been one to leave a lady waiting, and without furthur ado I pull this little hotties body over to me, pull out my already hard cock, move her skirt up and sink her hot, tight pussy onto my tool.
Well, god if I wasn't in some kind of sexual nirvana! This girls pussy was tight as a glove and wet as anything, and she easily slid up and down my twitching cock, moaning and whimpiring as I slowly fucked her, savoring every second of the encounter, moving my hands around to grip her ass, squeezing the firm, soft skin and playing with her asshole with one finger, making her moan even louder!
We went on for about an hour, the car reeking of sex and sweat, her having cum about six or seven times before I finally felt my balls tighten.
For minute I was worried, I hadn't put a condom on and didn't know jack about this girl, other than who she hangs out with (a good crowd of kids), but in between a moan she told me exactly what I would have wanted to hear: "Slide into my ass and fill it with come!"
And I did, I lifted her up, my cock easing out of her pussy, and slid the already slick thing into her deliriously tight ass, letting loose a torrent of cum into her immediatly.
We just sat there for about 20 more minutes before cleaning ourselves up. She dropped me off at my place with her number, and said to call.

... I'll tell you what, I'll never skip out on fireworks shows again!

funandfriendlyvt 44M/45F

1/3/2007 8:37 pm

You are an awesome writer! So fuckin hot. too bad you're not bi...sounds like you've heard that before though...

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