Still in Florida  

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6/9/2005 1:41 pm

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Still in Florida

Another fun filled day of sexual deprivation here in Orlando...sigh.

This morning we went to Daytona. "Fuck the conference, lets have some fun!" I said. My co-workers agreed - only because today was mainly repeats. Geeks. Oh wait, I'm a geek myself. Losers.

So we skipped out and drove to Daytona. Not such a nice looking place, but then we hit The Beach. Oh My God. The sand was like sugar, the water was like a salt spa, and there were some very attractive women there. And lots of unattractive ones. <PIG>But I'm horny, and I would still have hit it given the opportunity </PIG>

We wanted to go parasailing, but unfortunately a wind had picked up and they were wrapping up for the day, so I tried body surfing. Fun.

Sat on the delicious sand for a little while, and then headed back to the car. Now I'm obviously a little sheltered, coming from Canada and all, the land of the parka and igloos, so when we were walking back and there was a woman laying there with her gorgeous breasts exposed I was excited. Very excited. Although she had the strangest areolas and nipples...very, very pale, really the same color as her skin, they just looked a different texture. I was staring, as a pig of a man will, and was noticed. Normally I would have been shy turned red and looked away, but I think my recent flurry of sexual forwardness has given my courage, so I just smiled and nodded, while making some eye contact.

I may have even winked.

Instead of a look of anger or disgust that I would have expected, I got a little smile back. I wonder what those pale nipples would taste like? What kind of texture do they have? I'm fairly certain that the firm round breasts that they were attached to were totally fake (and I'm a strong believer in natural beauty), but it was the nipples that interested me... Maybe they were fake too?

Bit of fun...

Image used under CC license from Flickr - I can't post the URL in here, but the source is pont_des_arts, image 17713036

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