Orgasm Conductor!! All Aboard The Orgasm Train!!  

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9/10/2005 6:21 pm

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Orgasm Conductor!! All Aboard The Orgasm Train!!

*I headed from home around 12:30 PM. As I traveled towards our meeting place my cell phone rang, it was Tom. He asked "Are we still on?" I told him " I am on my way, should be there in about 20 minutes or so." I start to drive more quickly, my heart beats quicker, I turn up the radio and sing with it.
*I arrived at the hotel and hurried up the stairs to Room 202. I knocked on the door. When the door is opened I see Tom standing there in conductor overalls. He says " I will be your orgasm conductor, All aboard the orgasm train"
*He wraps me in a warm embrace, and kisses me with sweet ardor. He whispers in my ear, "I have a surprise for you" "Close your eyes" I quickly shield my eyes with my hand. He leads me to the table beside the bed. Removing a towel he reveals, fresh red strawberries and chocolate. I giggle with delight, he remembered, how chocolate and strawberries reminds me of sexual pleasure.
*Immediately we are in each others arms. He begins to undress me,as we stand and kiss and caress and feel each other's passion. Before I know it we are standing naked,I can see his already hard cock. He turns me around and wraps his arms around me, he kisses my neck, he tongues my ear, and then breathes softly in my ear. He has remembered how hot that makes me. I am quivering with desire.
*He lays me on the bed. His hands are quick and efficient as he caresses my breast. He takes my nipple in his mouth, he suckles like a hungry babe. When he finally reaches for my pussy he finds me wet. He puts his tongue to my clit and gently licks me. With increasing intensity and speed his tongue flicks me. I am so excited I reach my peak in an instant. I growl like a tigress.
*Tom continues to tease, lick, flick and then he puts two fingers in my pussy and makes a J shape.
He hits my G-spot right on. I cum again with a loud cry, squeezing his fingers with my pussy walls. Never losing connection with my clit, he finger fucks me again and again, and I gush and moan loudly as I reach orgasm. He drinks my juices.
*I tell him "I need you to fuck me" He pushes my legs up so my feet are near my head. With smooth movements he mounts me. He thrusts his cock deep in my pussy. I tell him "Damn, you feel so good".
*He pounds my pussy hard and fast. As he explodes in my pussy I cum again!! We roll together, face to face we snuggle, caressing each other, looking into each others eyes. Pillow talk at it's best. He hugs me tight, he caresses my entire face. I hear him say "He loves brown eyes"
*As I lay there in the afterglow, Tom's hand reaches and begins to finger my clit. He continues the assault on my clit with his fingers till I cum. I lose count of how many times. Along with rubbing my clit, he puts 4 fingers in my pussy, with the added pressure of most of his hand, I cum with such intensity!!
He catches my moans of desire and delight in his mouth.
*I quickly push him on his back. I caress his cock first with my hand, then my mouth. I want some badly to suck his cock!!! Sucking his cock into my mouth, I run my tongue over his most sensitive spot just under his cock head. I feel him quiver with need. I lick his cock like a lollipop. I lick his balls. I deep throat his cock,while his cock is deep in my throat, I suck and then begin moving my mouth off and on his cock with increased speed.
*Before I knew what was happening, he flips me on my stomach and lifts my hips. I feel his hard cock enter my pussy first. He gets himself well lubricated with my juices. I ask him for my egg shaped vibe. As he hands it to me, he lubricates my ass with KY jelly. I was thrilled, he was going to fuck my ass. I lifted my ass to him. He pushes his cock in my ass, and as he does, I cum with such intensity I nearly collapse. I tell him "Fuck my ass" and he does. I am nearly crying with sheer delight. I reach orgasm over and over again!! He comes in my ass with one final thrust and we collapse sweaty and fulfilled. We spend time just holding each other, touching each other, and cuddling!!
*He again reaches for my pussy and fingers me to orgasm several times!!I am amazed at the shine I see in his eyes, when he pleases me. He tells me" It pleases me to please you"
*I reach for his cock, and massage it with my hand, using saliva as lubrication, I get him erect again. He takes his cock in his hands and strokes it as I massage his balls and tell him "Cum for me". He cums and he squirts to the head of the bed. We spend time eating strawberries. He eats them from my cleavage. He takes a bite and then kisses me. I take the strawberry after I have bitten it and rub it on his nipple and then suck it clean. We finally look at the clock and realize it is time to return to reality.
*The ride aboard the orgasm train has come to an end says the conductor!!All aboard for the ride to reality!!!

ZiaJJ 67

9/11/2005 1:52 pm

what a lucky woman.....all i can say is Woooooooooooooow!!!!!!

rm_plcprog2000 53M

9/11/2005 7:49 pm

I am VERY lucky. She is very sexy and so good to talk to.

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