My Love Slave  

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7/21/2005 1:15 pm

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My Love Slave

Last night, I had the most awesome dream, let me share it with you. I was sleeping alone,
au natural, naked as the day I was born. The feeling of satin sheets on my skin, how sensual.
The french doors to my room were open, the sheer curtains were floating on breezes that
smelled of honeysuckle. The radio played softly, Sexual Healing!!! The only light in the room was
from candles placed on the nightstands. A gentle knock came on the door. At first I was startled.
I heard a voice saying, "Open Up..It is me my love" I opened the door, in walked an
absolute manly man. He had the stature of a Greek God. He stood tall and carried himself with grace.
His contanance shone. His eyes were firey. His entire being radiated passion.
He said "You may call me "Zues."
I asked where he came from, and he said "I came from your dream."
He said " I am to be your love slave."
He lead me back to the bed. He laid down next to me. Face to face, he kissed me passionately. Deep
wet, tongues mimicking the sex act, kisses. His hands were palming my breasts. His fingers tweaked and
gently twisted my nipples. I moaned softly into his mouth. His lips moved to my neck, where he gently licked
and kissed. He moved to my ear, sucking the lobe into his mouth, his warm breath in my ear made me quiver
all over with desire. He made a trail of kisses and licks. I could feel his arousal against the softness of my belly.!
He was definitely all man!!! He took my entire areola into his mouth. He suckled as if he was a hungry babe.
He moved from one breasts to the other. He seemed to spend an eternity kneading, caressing, sucking, licking
my breasts. He said " My love I must find sustanance", with that he gently pushed me onto my back,kissing his
way to my neatly trimmed womanhood. He finds me dripping. His tongue grazed my love button. I cry out with delight. He licks my love
button, he flicks his tongue quickly on me. I am shaking all over with desire. My hands run through his hair. I whisper
"My God Yes" He continues his gentle assault on my clitoris, bringing me to the peak of pleasure, he than inserts
two fingers deep in my sweet womanhood. He feels me wet and tight. As his fingers enter me I convulse in orgasm, sheer
pleasure. I gush my nectar into his mouth, he laps me clean. He said " My love I must find sweet release" He places
my feet on his shoulders. His manhood enters me with one hard deep thrust. I can feel him throb as
he stays quiet in me for a brief moment. Then he thrusts into me with great intensity over and over again. He fills me
with him. He slows and thrust into me with great control, deep and slow. He says " I want to cum in you, deep in you"
I say "Cum for me my love slave." With one final thrust, his essence spills into me. He cries out with ultimate pleasure.
His orgasm and the spurt of his essence makes me cum around his manhood.
We collapse in sheer pleasure. We hold each other close and talk until we both fall asleep with pleasured smiles
on our faces!!!

needyou691955 62M

7/22/2005 7:09 am

Sound's Great.Wish I was him

goodlovin0321 58M

7/29/2005 7:44 am

I would like to be that guy...

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