Anne and Natalie  

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Anne and Natalie

Anne Carney felt flush and a little uncomfortable. Uncomfortable with her feelings. She could feel her fair pale face redden and heat flush through her body. She was uncomfortable because she knew her physical symptoms were a give away to what she felt inside. It was rare to come across a woman as tall as she was, at least 5’10” maybe even six feet. Even rarer it was to happen across one so well proportioned. This woman could be a runway model, or so she thought.

Across from her in the airport terminal sat this statuesque beauty. She followed the graceful lines from the tips of her designer shoes up the long calves, past the knee. The worsted wool skirt started there and prevented a clear view of her thighs. She imagined what treasures lay beneath the layers of wool and silk. The woman seemed to be engrossed in a book. She was glad. She could take in the visual feast a bit more casually. Anne let her eyes wander slowly along the buttons of the woman’s silk blouse. Her heart raced as she took in this site. The first three buttons of the blouse were undone revealing full medium sized breasts restrained by a bra of black lace. The black bra was an exciting contrast against the woman’s soft brown skin. The woman was blessed with a long neck, adorned with a simple and elegant pearl necklace.

The woman looked up from her book and Anne was unable to turn away. The woman’s eyes met Anne’s briefly. Anne looked away awkwardly. She didn’t see the woman’s knowing grin. The woman lay the book down and stretched. Anne’s eyes were drawn back to the dark beauty. Anne’s timing was never great, again the woman caught Anne staring. The smile smiled. There was a hint of pride in the smile knowing she was being admired. She touched her necklace and spoke “you like it?” “hmm? Anne said eyebrows arched. “My necklace, I thought I saw you looking.” “oh yes” Anne said “its beautiful.”
“Here, try it on.” Before Anne could decline, the woman was behind her. The woman’s warm soft hands brushed Anne’s neck as she pulled the clasps of the necklace to the back of Anne’s neck. The sensation caused Anne to shutter. The woman leaned down and said “Doesn’t it make you feel sexy?” The woman’s hot breath and the sense that her lips her nearly touching her ear nearly made her shudder against. “Yes” Anne said with a nervous laugh. The woman removed the necklace and returned it to her own graceful neck.

The woman circled around and sat next to Anne. “Hi, I’m Natalie” she said with her hand extended. Anne took her hand and Natalie asked “where are you headed?” “Detroit” Anne answered. “Me too.” Anne realized that they were still holding hands, but didn’t move. Natalie had an easy way about her. Anne felt her tension melt away.

After some small talk, Natalie produced what appeared to be a credit card. “Want a drink” “We can go to the frequent flyer lounge” “Sure” Anne said. “I hate these long lay overs.” Anne stood and followed Natalie to the lounge. Inside the lounge was empty with the exception of a lone man in a rumpled business suit who appeared to be sleeping.

Anne and Natalie lingered over there drinks and talked about men mostly. Natalie asked Anne if she had ever been with a woman. Anne was a bit taken aback by the question. “No!” she blurted out, a little embarrassed at her emphatic response. “Its ok” Natalie chucled. “It’s not for everyone.” “I kissed girl in college, we were a little drunk.” Anne admitted. “Have you?” “I mean been with a woman?” Anne asked. Natalie closed her eyes and seemed to be reliving every encounter and finally answered “Oh yes” with a naughty smirk. “did you like it” Anne asked, surprised by her own forthrightness. “Think about this” Natalie said “who knows your body better than another woman?” “I see your point.” Natalie, for the first time a bit nervous herself asked Anne “ Aren’t you curious about what its like to kiss a woman while you’re sober?” “Yeah, I guess I am actually.” Natalie reached in her purse and brought out a hankerchief. With two movements she wiped the lipstick from her full lips. Natalie leaned in slowly and kissed Anne. Just a brief kiss. Anne recoiled and pursed her lips. “I’m sorry” Natalie said. “No, don’t be” “I think it just startled me a bit, but it was nice, really.” “ Nice enough to try it again” Natalie asked. Anne glanced over at the sleeping man. “OK”. This time Anne met her and they joined in a deep kiss. “Definitely better sober” Anne said. They kissed again. Natalie let her lips and tougue trail down form Anne’s ear down to the base of her neck. Anne let her hands roam over Natalie’s coarse hair. She had always thought black women were beautiful and was allowing herself to let go and be seduced by this beauty.

Natalie took Anne’s hand and placed it on her breast. Anne noticed the bra had been unsnapped. She caressed Natalie’s full breast. She leaned down and took the dark erect nipple in her mouth. Natalie’s quiet moans let her know she was pleasing her. Natalie slowly but deliberately moved her hand up Anne’s bare leg up to the moist silk panty that separated her from Nirvana. Natalie pulled the panty to side to side and allowed her fingers to explore Anne’s wet pussy. She slipped two fingers inside and quickly found the rough patch that was Anne’s G-spot. She caressed it gently and brought muffled cries of ecstasy to Anne’s lips. Without a word Natalie was on her knees on the carpeted floor with Anne’s legs spread wide before her. Natalie took Anne into her mouth exploring with her tongue. She sucked gently on Anne’s clit and plunged her fingers deep in Anne’s pussy plunging them in and out. Anne’s body shuttered nearly convulsing out of control.

Anne pulled Natalie up to her kissing her lips hungrily tasting her own juices. Anne stood over Natalie pushing her back. She was eager to taste Natalie’s pussy. Anne slowly and deliberately peeled off the black silk stockings that covered her treasure. Natalie’s pussy was smooth. The lips were thick and meaty and glistening. Anne moved in taking in the aromas of sweat and juices mixing in an intoxicating cocktail. Natalie’s swollen lips were already parting revealing the delicious pink inside. Anne studied her pussy before she ever touched it. She loved the contrast between the dark brown outer and the fleshy pink inside. It made her think of exotics fruits. She couldn’t wait longer. She lay her tongue on the wet meaty lips and was secretly excited when Natalie’s body jerked beneath her. Anne licked Natalie’s pussy in long strokes, gradually increasing the pressure and intensity. Natalie squirmed beneath her and moaned quietly. Anne noticed that Natalie was massaging her own clit. She nudge Natalie’s hand to the side and took the swollen organ into her mouth. Following Natalie’s lead she explored her pussy with her hand. Natalie’s body exploded in climax. The two woman lay nearly exhausted. They stared deeply into one another’s eyes and kissed and cuddled until the boarding announcement came over the loud speaker. They quickly composed themselves and noticed that the sleeping man was gone. They look at one another and laugh, but didn’t really care what he had seen.
The women boarded the plane together. As they made their way to their seats they saw a man in a crumpled business suit on the second row. He gave the ladies a wink and a nod as they struggle passed. Natalie and Anne never crossed paths after that. Detroit is a large city filled with chance encounters waiting to happen.

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