Finally...relaxation and catching up!  

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7/9/2006 10:35 am

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Finally...relaxation and catching up!

Whew! It's been so busy lately! Finally get a day to just relax, after being on the road working on projects and getting back to catch up on bills, cleaning, laundry....sheesh!

Anyway, I just have to tell you about this sexy lady up in SC I stayed with. She is such a hot lover!

After the first couple of days died down and we got all of the "newness" of being back together again out of our systems...then the kinky fun began. We woke up together, naked of course, took our time showering and cleaning up for the day and had some breakfast.

After that, we were determined to spend the entire day naked together, which I didn't mind at all. She has a great house at the top of a hill with a huge fence all around it. We can lounge around the pool in the buff with no fear of the neighbors seeing too much.

After breakfast, she took me back into the bedroom and told me to sit on the bed and wait. She went to the master bath and came back with a handful of items: a shaving razor, a towel, a bowl of hot water and some shaving lotion. She then plopped up on the bed, got herself propped up on pillows and spread her gorgeous legs wide open. "I want you to shave me!"

Wow! Talk about sexy, not to mention one of my personal favorites! I immediately got hard...and asked her how much she wanted shaved off. She said, "All of it!" So, I went and got my electric shaver, with a trimmer attachment on it, and started trimming down her pubic hair so it was short enough to shave.

She rather enjoyed the vibrations of the electric razor on her mound, letting out a small moan every now and then. After that, I soaked a washcloth in the hot water and placed it over her groin, to warm up the area and soften the hairs. At this point, my cock was already drooling pre-cum and showing no signs of softening up...which she, of course, noticed.

"A little excited I see," she noted with a truly naughty grin. I told her how much I enjoy shaved pussies and what a thrill it was to actually be doing the shaving. With that she settled back into her pillows and I went back to work.

I took off the washcloth and warmed up the shaving lotion in my hands, then started rubbing it all over her pussy. She really liked that, the slick, warm feel of the lotion and me massaging it onto her crotch.

Dipping the razor in the hot water, I started shaving her pussy smooth. She giggled and moaned at the sensation it was giving her. I just marvelled at how her already sexy pussy was getting hotter and hotter with each stroke of the blade.

Things really started heating up as I got closer to being finished. I really had to move her pussy lips around, hold them at angles, and manipulate her clit area to get all of the hairs gone. She was nearly writhing around at one point and I had to stop her, in fear of cutting her with the razor. So, she bit her lip and stayed still as I finished her up.

When I was done, she was baby-smooth and slick as could be. I rinsed the lotion off of her and watched her feel around her pussy with her hands. She was totally happy with the smoothness and she was horny! She pulled my head into her crotch and ordered me to eat her, which I did with all my ability!

I love licking and sucking on shaved pussies and hers was beautiful...and tasty! In no time, she was writhing and moaning with my tongue licking all over her now super-slick sex. She lost it when I reached up to pinch her nipples, with my tongue wriggling its way up inside her.

She rolled away from me and noticed the trail of clear pre-cum running down my leg when I stood up. She told me "Not yet!" and she went in to the bathroom and started running some water. By now I was very, very horny and extremely impatient, as my cock demanded some action soon.

But I waited as she filled the bath, shaking her sexy behind in front of me to keep teasing my condition. When she had the tub filled with hot water, she looked back at me with a naughty grin to make sure I was watching and she poured some tanning oil into the bath water.

She told me we were going to take an oil bath. Fine by me! She told me to get in, being careful not to slip. I sat down in the huge tub (she has an old cast iron tub that easily fits 2 people!) feeling the hot water and oil surround me. It felt great...and the smell of the coconut oil was very sexy as well.

She reached in the tub and started rubbing my legs and chest, moving in closer to my cock which was standing up out of the water. She splashed some oily water up on it and started stroking it. "We don't want to leave him out, do we?" I could only reply, "Hell no!"

She had my cock at tremendous hardness by now. I was so turned on for so long by this point, I felt bigger than normal. She ran her hands around my crotch and in the oily water began rubbing my balls and teasing my ass. I had to admit, it felt really good! The sensation seemed to get me even harder than before.

Then she stood up and got in the tub. She positioned herself over my cock and started sliding her dripping hot pussy down on it. She remarked that it felt bigger than before as she kept sliding down. Then a strange thing happened...LOL. She must have "hit bottom" or something because she stopped going down and we both felt that I had some dick left to give her.

At that, she stood up and said, "No way!" I was like, "What are you talking about?" We had been fucking for 2 days straight...surely she knew she could handle my cock. I mean, I'm nowhere's near huge...just a respectable 8" give or take an inch. But she said, "I don't know if it's from the shaving or the bath...but your cock is bigger than last night and I can't take all of it. At least not in the tub."

So, she grabbed a couple of towels and layed them on the bed and told me to "Come here!" I was still a little oily from the bath and so my body was well lubricated. She told me to get on top of her and fuck her boobies instead. I was kind of shocked at having a woman tell me I was too big to fuck her pussy...but I'm not going to turn down an oily titty-fuck either.

Needless to say, with her 36 D's wrapped around my oily cock, and all the excitement building up to it, I didn't last very long. I soon unloaded a tremendous blast of cum that shot over her head and hit the wall...LOL! Then another in her hair and another on her face...I grabbed hold of my cock and let the remaining cum drain out over her breasts. She was wiping my cum from her face and hair and licking off her fingers like a cat.

"Wow!" She said she'd never seen a cum so huge that wasn't in a porn movie. I agreed...LOL. It's the only time I really felt like I "Peter North'd" someone and I told her so.

We laughed about that for a bit, then showered again and went to lay out by her pool. We fucked again and again the rest of the week...but that one afternoon in the tub she just couldn't handle me. That's what I call an ego boost!

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