The big date  

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9/28/2005 6:35 am

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The big date

Good morning fellow residents of Blogville!

As you all know yesterday was to be the first meeting with one of those who I spoke of in my previous post HELP. Well, to say that I was a little bit excited would have been an understatement; especially after the way that I bashed AdultFriendFinder in my first posting Is it worth it. After having read so many tales of disappointment in other people’s blogs, I had put together my “pre-date plan” . Late Monday I called to confirm our proposed meeting. Well, at least that was my intent .

Well here is how it went;

“Oh wow, Really!”
“Cousin from out of town just dropped in unexpectedly.”
“No. No problem at all. I understand”
“Well let me think about that. I’m sure we can make other arrangements”
“Okay, great! I’ll call you later.”

I’m sure you all can fill in the other half of the conversation. Some of you may have even heard that other half. .

But you know what, I didn’t even sweat it. In a way it helped to bring that fuzzy collage of choices into clearer focus. As someone suggested to me she moves to the bottom of the list. I know myself too well though. Being moved to the bottom of the list is about the same as being put on the “National DO NOT CALL List” That was something that I had come up with years before the Federal Government decided to crack down on telemarketers.

By the way, I need to see why Uncle Sam hasn’t sent me a royalty check yet.

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