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10/27/2005 7:20 am

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Ladies, this is a question for you. Is there a point where you just have enough? I have been horny as hell as of late. The other night, I was especially worked up. I worked my wife into an equally heated state and her first orgasm of the night with some extended foreplay, and then we began making love. After about a half hour of making love and two more orgasms by my wife, I came hard, clinching my wife tightly as I shuddered on top of her. After a moment of euphoric bliss, I began kissing the back of her neck and again making slow deep thrusts. As I worked myself back to a full erection, she pleaded with me to stop. This is something that puzzles me. When we first got together, the same type thing would occur all of the time. Where, half way through my second erection she would just have to stop. I have a very short recuperation time and love to be able to cum more than once during an especially hot lovemaking session. But, my wife just can’t maintain that same energy. She on the other hand will be fully rejuvenated after 3-4 hours but by then I am overcome by either sleep or back into ‘Sports Center’. I am 36 and my wife is 49. Is this related to her age? Is this a common thing for women, as they get older? Is there a limit to the amount of or intensity of sex that a woman can take at one time? Or is it me?

rm_nursgal 53F

10/29/2005 5:25 pm

Enough? Hmmm....I would have to say that there is a point where you have had enough...especially if it was energetic..lets face it...we get sore!!! But it all depends on the person..I am 41 my lover is 28...we have never had a night where he has not cum at least 3 times....I LOVE to see him get worked up again!!!

rm_maybe12005 51F

11/2/2005 11:30 am

Wow, as for me I would love to have a good orgasm (or 3) and keep going. I guess I have not been with anyone as of late with that much stamina...I am 39 and my appetite has just increased over time and I need to find someone to satisfy it. I would LOVE the chance to keep going all night!!!

rm_fionajones 82F

11/8/2005 9:00 am

Of course - enough is enough. But a word of advice - you don't always have to come together. This woman enjoys receiving her man and he can go as long as he wants. When I finally reach my orgasm - he is tired too.
Don't complain - talk about solutions. Good luck

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