Good Afternoon AdultFriends and Sexologist's  

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7/8/2005 3:10 am

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Good Afternoon AdultFriends and Sexologist's

As some of you may have noticed my "blog" has recently been renovated by me. Its less sexy, but still has good pictures.
( Who thought of "blog" anyway............why not Personal Inter-net Log or PILOG or PLOG...??? or well it stuck and its what it is --- BLOG!!!!.))))

I guess I chickened out on the promise to make my blog so XXX -rated it would disgust people verywhere, but give me time...........
So my new blog- concept is like a poetry convention- I wrote all of them myself.
Also, I left in some of the "personal" thoughts and feelings.....because I beleive if a person is like: " who is this person........" they have a candid insight into the mind of their it academic or otherwise.
I mean it always sucks to hop on a plane and fly to FairFax, Virigina- Just to find -out " She really was affraid of the "virginia wolf" ----whatever that means..............
You know what it means- come to a point in your life and say: "this is me......this is the sexual me, kinks, prefs, hang-ups, ect" and find someone who says --"I can live with that" or at least " I can understand feelings like that"

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