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10/30/2005 3:13 pm

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Does anyone even read these posts?...I need attention, and lots of it....I am what my husband calls a high maintance type, and I have to agree with him...he is finding it hard to find decent guys for me to have a GB with....why? I that ugly?...I mean, DAMN guys....why cant people just want to have fun without strings, hangups, or obsessing over someone...I am in LOVE with my hubby...that will never change.....we just want to have fun, sexually, while we are still young enough to enjoy it!

rm_leduk69 51M
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11/5/2005 12:54 pm

Hi Jody,

I find it difficult to believe you are not getting responses. I for one am interested. Please take a look at my profile and get back to me. I would travel....thanks.


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3/3/2006 3:01 pm

you like big guys ill bite lickand suck

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4/8/2006 11:36 pm

Yes, some of us do read these posts. I do beleive that most people want to have fun but are too inhibited to express it. Life is too short - it can be filled with boredome or some adventurous times. Personally, it is the adventurously times that always flash back in my memories in regard to times well spent! No, you are not ugly - yes, people are scared of stepping outside of parameters set by others (prudes). I would be honored to share time with you.


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7/7/2006 11:53 am


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11/29/2006 3:20 pm

Hey Jody,
I assure you people are reading but I think like most, it is hard to determine who and what is real, I/We have been on this site for a number of months and although we have found some (very few) good people fro the most part they have been fakes and people with hidden agendas, I live a 24/7 Dom/Sub relationship in which I am the female sub half, I love pleasing my "Daddy" and I thought this would be a good place to accomplish two things, One was to find a 24/7 live in Female sub for me to Top, but the other was just to find like minded individuals to have some great sexual experiences with, I love nothing more than watching my "Daddy" experience someone else. In some ways it gets me very wet being able to see from the outside looking in what he does when he is with me. I am bi and of course the look of another pretty woman with him also makes me wet.
As far as this site goes, I have not completely given up but I have had more success picking up other woman at clubs and grocery stores than I have had here.
Keep your head up there are those of us that are close by and real, and hope at some point we can run into real people like yourselves.

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12/19/2010 12:30 pm

Hi. I would love to join one of your gang bangs.
Just let me know.

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