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8/12/2006 4:25 am

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More thoughts

Recently I've been reading about the use of our sexual centers as a source of healing. The view point is that we are by nature sexual creatures. Our sexual energy can be used to heal ourselves and others in body mind and spirit. This viewpoint is accepted more in the Eastern cultures.

Certain segments of our society and other global societies demand that we quash this sexual energy. Much of that attitude is born from certain religions. I've found, in large part, that those who are the most repressive about sex seem to be the most screwed up. I've also said that "show me a zealot (about any topic) and I'll show you a closed minded, dangerous person". I'm not defining some one with a passion for an idea as a zealot. I'm defining a zealot as one who says "my way of thinking is the only way of thinking, everyone else is wrong and I have no tolerance for thator you".

Back to the thought of sexual healing. I've long been a fan of massage, both therapeutic and sensual. I've also been a student of the use of energy (prana, chi or ki). Sexual healers combine massage, energy, love and our sexual centers to help heal someone of physical, mental and emotional pain. This is much different than prostitution. I haven't had the experience of meeting a sexual healer. However, I have been experimenting with some of the techniques a sexual healer uses. It is incredibly hard to describe. However, when I give someone my total focus of my mind, body, energy flow and spiritual love (not the I'm falling in love with you love) I feel as good as the recipient. The flow and mingling of our energies creates an incredible, intimate connection between us. I know for that period of time and long after we both feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. I know it's more than just the sex. In any case, I am enjoying the journey and I think that's what it is about. Care to join me?

rm_emmie234 53F
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6/29/2007 3:37 am

Very interesting.
The algternative healing methods have always appealed to me, but this one is new. I have experienced such with one particular lover. We both felt that we had finally found the right person for the spirituality that transcends the physical proponent of sex.And, I felt that, FINALLY, I had experienced true love making as opposed to having sex

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