JDgirl_biatchy 46F
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8/31/2006 12:33 am

why is it so hard to trust our judgements about people or situations?

why do we always seem to second guess ourselves?

why can we believe something then have ONE person doubt that its true and not believe it anymore?

why do we always think the worst about ourselves than other people think about us?

why can everyone else see we are making a huge mistake before we see it ourselves?

why do we let ourselves get into things we arent sure are ok BEFORE we get in them?

how can we just be ignorant to things around us that we dont care anymore?

how does a society live with itself when its not helping its people make themselves better?

how can we make ourselves better without making everyone else worse?

how does loving someone wrong?

why does it seem like everything we do or think seem to be wrong to others when it comes from our hearts?

how can we not follow our hearts no matter where it leads us and be true to oursleves?

if you love someone inappropriate, why does that make you a bad person, especially if you dont do anything about it?

why can our hearts make decisions that our heads would never make?

how can we deal with the conflict of head and heart wehn they dont agree?

how is it we stay friends with some people but loose touch with others we thought meant more?

why do we love who we love?

how does attraction work? do we have any control over it?

why is anything that society doesnt agree with abnormal?

how do we know that what society thinks of as abnormal isnt just normal for some individuals?

more later when I think of them....

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