Things I like # 7  

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3/17/2005 12:16 am

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Things I like # 7

First and foremost I love classy non sleazy strip joints that do not have a finishing off policy and where the girls actually know how to dance.

Like my 23rd Birthday party, which I had at Centerfolds (strip club) near Ala Moana. I got people who would never go to a strip club into one. I was so pleased. Many of my female friends told me that they were going to spend all their time in the adjoining bar and none in the stripping area. My male friends were all bashful except for my Marines who had driven in from K Bay almost directly after getting off a 24 hour flight from Thailand. So I ended up with 5 Marines, 14 female students and 9 male students all at the club for my birthday.

By the end of the evening everyone was in the striping area and had given at least 10 to the strippers. I had been used as pole by one of the performers, and had been stripped forcefully of half my clothes as well. Many of my more prudish friends had ended up stuffing dollar bills into their pants or bras in order to make the retrieval more scintillating. I myself made over 35 dollars going to various patrons and telling them it was my birthday and asking for the donation of one dollar to my birthday fund. No one denied me, especially since the donations were placed in my bra by the donors. I also used the occasion to show people my new nipple piercings which I had bought myself for my birthday. The party was legendary, the scars and souvenirs were awesome and I was content that I would not have to top that for at least two years.

I would totally strip if I had the body for it. I don't find anything morally wrong with it, nor do I find that it degrades women in all circumstances.

I think it is very interesting to be a woman in a strip club. It actually makes the strippers more money to dance for a girl because they can do more things and the guys think it is totally hot, which it totally is.

I think the real reason I like strip clubs so much is the ease in which you can blend in as a woman. There is no pressure to be beautiful, or outspoken, or to impress anyone. I can go and be me with my friends and watch them enjoy themselves. Nobody sees me unless I want them to, and that is what makes Strip clubs so Awesome. And the boobies!!

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