Things I like #6  

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3/17/2005 12:16 am

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Things I like #6

I like my legs.

I don't have my father's long legs, or my mother's dancer/swimmer legs, but I love the combo. Even being the full figured woman that I am, I still love the shape of my legs. I have large, but well shaped thighs that taper smoothly to my scared up, tomboy knees. Below my knee is a smooth but shapely calf that retains muscle lines and dents, but tapers femininely into my muscular tattooed ankles.

I am inclined not to shave everyday, due to the cost and time for up keep. For guys that have never tried to keep smooth legs as long as possible, it is harder to shave well, the day after shaving really well. You end up patchy and coarse. It is better to shave, let it grow out a bit, and then shave again.

I prefer to shave about 1 maybe 2 times a week. This way I stay neat and tidy, but I retain the ability to get exceptionally smooth.

I had a friend over yesterday for dinner and a movie. He brought another friend of his at the last minute. I wasn't bothered but I found it later to be somewhat inconvenient. I had spoken to my friend the other day about how smooth my legs were. Whenever my legs are smooth, I like people to touch them. I will ask my friends to touch them, just so others can appreciate them. I was sitting there with him and his friend and I was desperate to have him touch my legs. There is something so powerful for me about a man touching me, which is heightened even more by them touching my newly shaven and lotioned legs. I was too shy to ask him, and I had a feeling that he is thinking of me as too aggressive (I am as surprised as the rest of you) and more of a friend.

One of my favorite feelings in the world is the feeling of my smooth thighs against the stomach of a man I am kissing. My calves wrapped around his torso, pressing his weight onto me and pushing his pelvis against mine.

What can I say...? I'm a romantic!!! haha....

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