Things I Like #3  

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3/17/2005 12:08 am

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Things I Like #3

Ok, this one is kind of complicated.

I like to be taken...

So, myfriend and I were eating dinner out in town...yummy.. and she was talking to me about a guy she has been checking out, and she thinks she might want to have sex with him.. scratch that, she know she wants to fuck him... The problem is that he is a bad lay (she has had him before.. but she is desperate). One of the major reasons she thinks of him as a bad lay is that before their first sexual encounter, he asked her "so how do you want to do this?"

Side note: Asking a chick what she likes and how she likes it, is great!!! It shows her that even if this is a one night deal, that you care about it being pleasurable for her too.

The problem with how he did it, is that it wasn't romantic, it wasn't passion filled, it was discribed to me like a negotiation, passionless, emotionless, eagernessless. She and I want to have some urgency, or at least some playful intamcy when divulging what makes sex great for us. In a way we want to be taken with a forceful and yet yeilding hand.

My personal preference is to be as submissive or as I like to call it, pliable as possible. I don't mean that you can tell me to do something and I'll do it, or that I want to be abused and call you daddy.. not my thing. I do however like to be tossed around alittle and told in a husky, horny, gutteral voice to get my ass over here for this or that.. now that is HOT!

I want there to be a physical electricity. I want to not know where the hands are going, not expect the body contact before it happens. The best part of sex is the spontanious connection that is being made between two bodies, between to sets of sensory organs. If I know where your going and what is going to happen all the time then the experiance loses some of its luster.

Granted.. there are a few things you definitly should mention to her before you do them.. (unless you have been given permission ahead of time to go full steam without warning):

When recieving oral:

- Please, by all means, tell the girl when your going to come.. if she is really good, she should feel the extra blood pulsing into the shaft, but not all women are so inclined to sense these things.

- If she is not a swallower and your going to withdraw, please give her more than a moments notice. I actually had a friend who had to duck her man's load so that he wouldn't cum in her eye.. that became very tiresome very quickly!!

When giving oral:

- in case you never dicussed this issue with your chick (shame on you), before performing anything having to do with the anal cavity. This includes: tossing of salad, inserting toys, finger stimulation, and finger penetration.

When pre coital:

- If your planning on adding anything brand new (like never attempted in any form) to the mix.

- if you are going to attempt anal... she needs to relax. If she has been ravaged a bit already, her muscles are tensed. This can be painful. PLEASE just spend alittle time relaxing her again, you will get what you want with alot less hassle that way. (Bonus here is that she will be more likely to ejoy it and more seconds for you!! Yeah you!!)

When coital:

- Before you start talking dirty to her. Somethings are a universal turn on, but being called verious curse words can be unnerving for alot of women, so can many veriations on the word sex... Don't get confused here guys, just because your woman calls it her cunt, doesn't mean that she wants to be called a Cunt!

When post coital:

- Before you get up to pee or wipe off. Jumping up right after sex is very easy to confuse with the fight or flight reflex. It can be very troubling to a chick to have her sex partner hop off of her and scurry out of the room!

So to make a long story short... take me, take me hard, and make sure all the major bases are covered before tryng to run it home!

rm_whoknowsay 43M

3/17/2005 2:24 am

if I relate to all of this does it mean I'm good in bed or wherever it happens? cool thanks good reading ay, always good to hear hows girls think.

rm_digits1000 63M

3/17/2005 4:39 am

awesome , , , love making 101 , , , when is the final exam, LOL

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