Lose 20 pounds on the sex diet!  

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3/17/2005 12:05 am

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Lose 20 pounds on the sex diet!

So, I was talking to a friend about how many people I have had sex with. My number is pretty low, but the reverse of that is that the number of times I have had sex is overwelming. I am voracious once I'm engaged in a sexual relationship.

Like... after little over a month of sex with my ex we had had sex around 300 times. This is high with going on about 10 times a day, but the remarkable thing is that we really only saw each other from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. So it actually averaged much higher than that. We also had sex while on the way to drop me off many times had sex as he dropped me off next to the dorms.

I actually lose 20 pounds the first months we were together because I would go days with only water and "protein" to sustain me and around 36 hours of full body exercise.

After the first month, his work schedule changed and we started to slow down a bit, but we still averaged about twenty times a weekend.

I miss that hard and fast sex... which it was most of the time. I still remember one instance where I had to go down stairs to see his sister and go out with her on some errands and he wanted a quicky. He managed to get off in 3 minutes and 30 seconds!! I had given him 5 minutes but he opted for a minute of cuddle time as well. Up till that point he had taken at least an hour to get off the first time.. so his sheer determination was very impressive.

I really miss touching a man. I don't mean touching him, like linking arms or holding hands, I mean sitting him on the ground below you in your chair. I run my fingertips over his head, down his neck and across his shoulders. He eventually can't keep his eyes open. I tell him to move forward and I sit down on the floor behind him and rub his arms, back, and sides as I nuzzle him, and kiss his neck and the back of his head. Eventually I move closer behind him, with my chest up against his back, and my legs on either side of him. He rubs my legs as I run my lips across his back and shoulders, and I rub his stomach and chest with my fingertips. Once I can feel his relaxed weight bressing back against me, I whisper in his ear that he can do anything he wants to me as long as it ends hard and passionate. I really miss that.

Oh well. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to shead some fat this semester from bedroom exercise. It really is the best way to get sweaty.

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