Carnal Sexual Needs  

JCups 38F
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3/17/2005 12:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Carnal Sexual Needs

I honestly never thought I could feel this way about someone. I'm not talking true love, or even love of any kind. I'm talking about this feeling I have for a guy I slept with once. I had the feeling about him from the very first time I met him. I had to have him. I had this carnal voracious urge to fuck him. It drives me batty everytime I see him.

For two years I avoided being around him for too long, and when we finally got together and I realized how disappointing he was as a partner, I still could not stop the feeling.

The draw I have to him is like a shark that smells blood in the water. I can sometimes sense him from a ways away. It is like I catch his sent and I get this lust. I literally just want to jump him and makeout with him (something he was actually very good at!!) and have him fuck me up against the back the a tree.

I thought I was safe from him when he got drafted to the NFL. But for some reason he is back in my sphere again and I still can't stop it. He talked to me, and asked playfully if he could spend the night. He has horrible facial hair and I hate his cocky attitude, but as soon as he gets close enough to touch me, I just want to fuck him so bad...

IT is this sick primal urge to mate with him I guess. I know I would have some big strong healthy kids if I bred with him...Good I don't want his kids, he is bad lay and all I really want is to just fucking take him... God.. does this happen to anyone else? You don't have any other interest in the person except for this primal cave man urge to just fuck their brain out?

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