Aftercock Thoughts 2  

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3/17/2005 12:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Aftercock Thoughts 2

Well, I have been tinking about the concept of Aftercock a bit recently.

There is another kind of aftercock that a woman can enjoy. Not just the firm and unyeilding pressure of being stretched and bruised from a hard pounding or a large partner, but also the soreness that is rampant in her body when a man of any size is given to a stamina that does not fail to surpass even her own ablity to stand up.

The body of a woman that has been Proper Fucked will be sore in various areas not including her cunt, but very indicitve of how she was ravished.

A woman with sore arms may have been holding herself up quite a bit while she was serviced from behind.

Sore legs can mean and number of things: she was really stretching those legs wide, bent over something, or maybe just had the pressure of anothers weight on them for a long time.

Sore neck is not just from giving head, but also twisting during heavy orgasm, and pressing it against another body hard during climax while she stretches in for that final kiss as they both ride the orgasm.

Sore finger can be from anything, but my favorite is because they were placed between the bed and wall to muffle the banging.

Aftercock is not just in the cunt, but can be a full body experiance... If she is lucky and the guy is good.

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