A Bunch of Things I Like  

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3/17/2005 12:18 am

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A Bunch of Things I Like


I like to get out of my house go swim at the beach, ride my bike around the island, exercise, and dance.. I haven't done any of those things in a long time.

I like to read, watch movies, listen to music, cook, bake, talk shit with friends and relax with buddies. I like to have sex, watch other people surf, scream, take long rides in a car, dance in the rain, play in puddles in the rain. Have really quick hard sex, talk loud on the phone about sex and watch other people squirm. I like to eat pancakes with yogurt and sausage. I like to look up at a man while I give him oral and have him look down at me with a look of pure desire in his eyes. I also like to tie mens ties.

I like to my arm in with a friend while I walk, I like to have men touch my newly shaven legs. I like a man to bite my neck and pull me toward him by the small of my back. I like to read cool quotes, and tell them to my friends. I like to have lots of condoms around just in case. I like to sleep naked. I like to spoon naked. I like to lay on the couch and run my hand from above my hip to the middle of my thigh.. giving myself the shivers. I like to make kissing noises to hot guys from my bike.

I like to sing on my motorcycle. I like to eat lemons and I like to peel oranges in one piece then put that piece together and back with the other oranges. I like to have my hair pulled. I like to lick peoples faces. I like to growl at people and sometimes I bark. I like to watch other people play video games. I like to have as much sex as possible in a 24 hour period. I like to swim topless at Queens beach at 5 in the morning. I like to have funny drunk sex.

I like to be with people who know I am shy and will do the talking. I like to kiss. I like to have rootbeer floats on my birthday. I like to sleep next to my sister. I like to carry people on my back. I like to talk to people while lying in bed. I like pillow talk. I like to watch a man get dressed in the morning. I like to see books on the bookshelf and know I have read most of them, if not all. I like to type fast and not correct my mistakes.

I like to think I can write poems then remember I'm not a poet after the fifth one. I like to take pictures of random things and keep them for years to try and remember why I took them. I like ot go to stripclubs and put dollars in front of my friends. I like to drink tequila. I like to eat salmon. I like to jog on the tredmill barefoot. I like to wear skirts. I like to have someone stand behind me and put their head on my shoulder. I like to talk to people with my forhead touching theirs.

I like to be quiet. I like to hug my mom. I like to play with kids. I love Tetherball!!!! I like to sit in little kid chairs and not pretend I'm a giant. I like to hop. I like stars but not hearts, and purple but not pink. I like to keep in touch. I like black. I like to be felt up by my lover at weird times. I like to know that someone is undressing me with their eyes. I like to hear that someone wants to fuck me. I like to play scrabble.

I like to play cranium. I like to pretend to punch people. I like to be over powered. I like to debate. I like to agree. I like to know that I like lots of things. I like to eat salad with my fingers. I like to talk on the phone about things that are sad so no one sees if I don't cry. I like fast forwarding porn.

I like taking pictures with my camara phone. I like to imagine people in bed. I like to eat cabbage. I love to watch football. I like to have sex during half time. I love using sex toys. I like getting tattoos. I like playing with my curls. I like the thought of getting a inner labia peircing. I like sticking my hands in men's pants.

I like being shy. I like sitting on the floor. I like sleeping on counter tops. I like having sex in the kitchen. I like people to ask to touch my big boobs. I like hearing the word cunt during sex. I like to say fuck during sex. I like tall guys. I like chicks with cool boobs!!

I like to listen to music while I ride my motorcycle. I like a man to pull me into the bedroom. I like the sound of wind. I like tan skin. I like to smell men. I like to travel. I like to drink Kava even though I had to stop because I an allergic . I like to hear people talk about my huge imaginary Cock that is called "The Dick" and is so big that it gets places a week before i do!!

I like to make people happy. I like to hang out with guys. I like to hang out with chicks who I think of as as cool as guys. I like to aviod drama. Ilike to hold my own bag and complain when I have to use a "purse" (but they are so damn convenient!!) I like for people to call me J. I like to point my toes. I like to hold one of the hands of a guy going down on me. I like being quirky.

oh, and I like cats cause they could give a shit about you most of the time, so the love is always real. But I like big dogs cause they like to be scratched like me!!

Oh and I like to be randomly smacked hard on the ass by friends.. it is funny!

I like Comments and Kudos!!!! and pandering....SEXSEXSEX

rm_digits1000 63M

3/17/2005 4:52 am

and now I have masters of "j cups" from teh UWSL (University of What a Swell Life) ;c)

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