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6/13/2006 4:25 pm

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we did it

well...we have had a crazy month or so. its funny...we were trying to meet people on the site and as time went on we brought it up and we hooked up with some friends. Wow...it was a great time. Had a five person orgy, had my wife and I with one girl, had two on two, and we have been able to let go enough to enjoy the fun and not be all wierd about it. So, not only has it enhanced our sex life, but it has also strenthened out relationship. We have always trusted each other but the act of allowing each other to just enjoy sex and explore other experiences has proven to be somewhat of a liberation. Dont know if i am making sense but...i am making sense to me. Anyhow, she has gotten the rollercoaster effect of three people pleasuring her and I finally got to see what its like to have 2 girls giving me head. Um...yeah it rocked like on the pornos. Well, I do have to add just one more thing. It has made one on one sex even better too. It is free, and comfortable and home. I dont know if that would make sense to some people either but, its a warm comfort that only my wife can give me. We love each other and, whether or not that might sound inappropriate for a "lets get together and no strings fuck" site...its the truth. Believe me, the truth has set us free.

EaserForthWatts 57M/57F

7/16/2006 10:04 am

EXACTLY! Well put and you've really summed it up. We too as we started to explore the "lifestyle" have found what we considered a wonderful relationship even more enhanced and our intimancy so much deeper. FREE yes indeed! TAKE care! TJ and Cat

AZlove2swing 46M/45F

7/25/2006 11:40 am

Wow Japannabell.. What a great way to put it! It has been the same for us, and we love the feeling that comes with letting our hair down and get crazy with our new found friends on the site, and then later enjoy intimacy together and alone. Something that wasn't as exciting until our minds were filled with our past and future meets!

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