The Queen's Dream  

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The Queen's Dream

Queen’s Dream

Have you ever wished to be transported to the secret place
Where only your dreams and fantasies exist?
Where warmth, safety, freedom subsist
Where the only rules are those of your heart, your imagination, your body?
Have you ever dreamed of taking a chance, to cross over from everyday life
To a world borne solely of your private vision, your inner fire
To fly to your secret universe, a land of innermost thought and desire
To take a tour of what you have wrought?

The beautiful queen had such an adventurous dream, it came to her day and night
She could not, would not escape it, for it seemed unrelentingly right
But one voice in her dream cried “Shameful!” the other cried “But when?”
Part of her wondered if there were something, perhaps, wrong with her, but then
Another part of her asked how and when her dream might come to light

A poet once wrote of a dream a maiden had
In which she was holding a beautiful red rose
And when she awoke, that rose was in her hand
And the poet said, Ah, what then?

So one fine summer day our queen awoke with a tremor and a gleam
Today was the day she was going to step into her dream
She’d walk into her secret place, and leave the world behind, it would seem!
And as if entranced, she went through the business of the day
Acting her roles, plying her schemes, but her mind was far, far away
Lovers she had had before, and would have again, for she was very desirable
But today was different! Because this day she was going to have not one lover
But two lovers to hold, to kiss, to be tender to, to surrender to!

Yes, this was her dream, and it would not go away; no, not until it was done
God or nature had planted it in her, and given it growth as inexorably as the rose seeks the sun
She had nurtured it, tended it, and lovingly regarded it as her precious secret!
She had planned for it, every detail exact in her sweet mind, all that must be met, and more!
And then she walked into that room, brave, scared, eager to see the mysteries her wondrous dream had in store!

And from the very start, it was as exactly as though she had imagined for so long!
Candles softly aglow, fragrant, fresh roses strewn across the bed with care
Her two suitors, The Captain (her Master) and Soldier (her lover) were there!
So handsome! So strong! They encircled her, their sparkling eyes shamelessly, unrestrainedly desirous, devouring her
She felt the very essence of womanhood, her throbbing, unrepentant heart overpowering her!

Her paramours spoke to her softly, gently, irresistibly appealing
She excused herself for a moment, (after all, she must gather her galloping thoughts which would soon be revealing!)
They waited patiently, with anticipation and pride, for they knew that here, now, their queen was to be theirs, and they wanted her so badly!
They joined in an unspoken pact to be selfless for her, madly, gladly
To bring alive everything her dream had contrived

Back into that secret, sacred chamber she came, bearing a mysterious smile, inflamed to her very core!
She stood in front of them and said without reserve “Master and soldier,
Now you must do anything you want with me
For this is my dream and you are in it, you see?”
And together, the three lovers entered the utopian realm of their sweet queen’s dream

Master arose and gave her a loving, sweet kiss
He proclaimed “the world is yours; we exist solely for your bliss”
Her other servant, the soldier, knelt from behind and below, he
Put his hands on her legs, moving upward, softly, slow
And her kisses intensified, her tongue emerged for Master, (he is so kind!)
As she swooned! Fully awake, yet not entirely of sound mind
“Can this be happening?” a distant voice seemed to say
And the touch of their hands, their breath close upon her that way,
Seemed to chase away her woes, her cares, her pains
As the warmth of her two men enveloped her, and coursed through her veins

They led her gently to the bed, servants of their goddess this young night
Kissing, stroking her tenderly, eliciting in her rising, breathless sighs of delight
Imbuing her with a spreading warmth and dampness that filled her, thrilled her, undeniably pleased her
As firmly yet gently, commandingly, these two men united to seize her
Yes! This is what she had wanted, prayed for, and craved
This was the dream she had so lovingly saved! And then
Off came her gown! She was exposed in her glory!
Her two succulent breasts harkening, inviting them to touch, taste, to tease her
Her body was theirs, and oh, how these men would appease her!
She felt like never before, save for in her dream ‒ and this was better than any dream could ever seem!

Into each of their mouths, they took a soft, creamy breast
Her heart cried out “Yes!” as she thrust out her chest
And their hands! All over her body, firmly, gently, caressingly, with glee
Exploring, staking claim to their newfound territory!
Then Master placed a calm hand upon her trembling hips, and leaned in closely to kiss her lips
Placing his other hand behind her neck, and drawing her near, he
Whispered “I love you dear” as his tongue brushed hers, their shared passion igniting her yet further, drawing these licentious lovers together forever!

And then all earth’s concept of heaven and hell broke loose as her lovers had their way!
Their bodies, their arms, their legs, covered her, sweetly, decisively, powerfully
She hungrily took soldier into her eager mouth, as he and she moaned with delight
Then Master entered her, hard, and drove as deep as he might
And they were kissing, squeezing, touching, plunging, and thrusting
Grabbing, pounding, penetrating and lusting, the queen and her men, you see
Lost in a whirlpool of indescribable, heavenly frenzy!

She brazenly opened her legs, for the mouths and penises of her lovers she did bid, and they so did!
And her royal fountain rewarded them, inundated them with a torrent of her precious liquid!
To our queen, the room seemed filled with beautiful penises! One hard one to suckle;
The other as unyielding as steel to drive into her, to imprison our Venus in an agony of desire
Oh, what lovers Master and soldier were, what glorious fire!
Their fingers, their tongues, their voices, their kisses, their rough hands
Symphonizing in concert to meet her insatiable demands!
Not a part of her body was untouched, unused, unprodded, unalloted, for she was theirs, in her runaway lust, to adore
And the queen quite suddenly realized that this is what she had been made for!

For hours on end, Master and soldier venerated this queen of their lands
Back and forth, to and fro, first one penetrating her, then the other, she in between
Both begging her sweet juice on their penises, their mouths, their hands!
Their kisses were carnal, raw, demanding, her tongue was theirs for the taking
As their bodies became wet with the sweat they were making
The room filled over with human scent, musky, hot, wet, criminally aromatic
As over and over and over again, they loved her, worshipped her with every ounce of their might
They entered her, beguiled her, defiled her, and that sweet queen received it all with unbridled greed and delight!

Then, she lay on top of Master, who was inside her, deep, deep inside her, in full height
Soldier approached from behind and entered into her as well, and for the first time in her life, she had a woman’s ultimate forbidden delight!
Two men inside her, throbbing, sliding, thrusting in rhyme
How meaningless was time!
Her eyes rolled to heaven and she lost all sanity and awareness then
Of anything on earth except the instruments of these, her two loving men!

She was their queen and she was their whore, she knew it and she loved it
As they used her, with unfettered abandon they unrelentedly infused her‒ as they could!
Her body was theirs to do with, to use, to enjoy - as they would!
As the queen, besotted, bestowed her favors on them, as her dream said - she should!
And for hours on end, in that secret room
There was no cessation, only more and more of their three bodies entwined
As she convulsed, moaned, screamed, and begged for more, as on her infernal dream, she ravenously dined!

Again and again, she erupted, emitted, exploded for her men
They repaid this bounteous bestowal by renewing their lust again and again!
For not a single moment, was she untouched, unkissed, unhanded
As soon as one penis, one mouth or one hand withdrew, another took its place, somewhere, anywhere they landed!
Her frenzy was unabated, her storms savagely unleashed, this regal, wet whore!
Her appetite was endless, and she cried More! More! More!
And Master and soldier, in perfect rapport, again drove her to the precipice, the door of untiring, merciless, unyielding amour!
And thus, this day, the queen lived her surrealistic dream, this cunning partnership, this delicious mesh
Of fantasy and reality, of wicked mind and willing flesh!

Alas, soldier had to take his leave (too bad!) in time
Then he was gone, and our strong Master and his harlot queen
Held each other tight, laughed, and celebrated a dream come true, it had been fated!
And the queen had never been so exhilarated!
She was overwhelmed that Master would give her this sweet, forbidden delight
Their love bonded even more with the sharing of their crime
They tenderly kissed, and looked into each others eyes, for all time
And made sweet love again and again and again, their love supreme
Silently they shared her inexpressible thoughts, for how does one relive a dream?

That night, the queen had yet another dream in repose
Where a handsome prince smiled and handed her a red, red rose
She coveted it, adored it, a symbol of his undying love
And the next morning, she awoke, and a sweet floral smell twitched at her nose
And do you know what?
In her hand was that rose!

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