NUMBER 69!!!!!  

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7/10/2006 1:22 pm

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NUMBER 69!!!!!

*laughs her ass off*
soooooo, kids... most you like to celebrate yer 50th or 100th post... I might do this, but noooooo... I have to be a bit different, so.... I AM CELEBRATING MY 69TH POST! muahahaha... *weg* so yeah... it actually has to do with the fact that I missed my 50th post and I couldn't possibly think of 100 things, no? I am a lazy-ass... deal with it!

may I present... 69 unknown things about me that you either wun give a damn about or might laugh at... enjoy...

69. I HATE gravy--it's frigging gross...

68. I used to be a distance swimmer on 'fly, breast-, and
backstroke. (I quit swimming in college to more seriously
pursue my music)

67. I started playing violin at the age of 6.

66. I won my first major string competition at the state level at
the age of 12.

65. I led my first youth ambassador orchestra at 14 on a trip to
Europe. I was the concertmistress.

64. I also played my first solo concerto with that same
orchestra (Mendelssohn in e minor, in case anyone was

63. At the age of 16, I soloed with the Detroit Symphony in one
of their educational concerts. I played the Brahms
Concerto in D. (I only received this opportunity because I
was one of the ACMs of the Detroit Symphony Civic

62. I was a science and math geek in hs... (I graduated with the
bio, chem, and math prizes that my school gave)

61. I sucked my thumb until I was 11!!! (see? the oral fetish
was always there )

60. I also graduated hs as a National Merit Finalist and was
ranked 5th in my class (whooptie frigging dooo....!)

59. I was quite shy and unspoken until the age of 14 (see
Europe trip #65----I still kinda have that shy side...

58. I was made fun of badly--all through school, up until about
my senior year....

57. They used to tease me and tell me I was ugly.

56. I never believed them--and was always quite inwardly
narcissistic because I considered my beauty natural and
complimentary to the fact I had a brain AND a personality.

55. I DO NOT WEAR MAKEUP. (there's the lil narcissistic bitch
now! )

54. I have never been one for dressy clothes--even at a recital I
wore a pair of old Converse hi-tops under my skirt

53. I hate shoes n socks. I would run around barefoot if I
could, but I love my feet--they are beautiful!

52. I've never really let a guy pursue ME... I've always been the

51. I've never been asked out.

50. I've never been one for the usual, gold-digger, impressive
shit, in fact--it frigging turns me off. (I dun want a man's
money or useless shit--I want his love, and sometimes it
seems even that is too much to ask for)

49. I lived in Japan for a year. (I wanted to stay there, dammit!)

48. I have never had much freedom in my life unless I was
living far from my parents--THEY ARE VERY CONTROLLING

47. I had a very prestigious music scholarship to a good private
college here in Michigan--I blew it within one year because
I couldn't handle the pressure and the bullshit.

46. It took me until I was 22 years old to figure out that I was
majoring in music performance because my mother wanted

45. I was told at 16 that I would never be able to have children.

44. I had my little girl at the age of 24--what a glorious

43. I didn't think I could go back to school in 2004, but found
out I was eligible for a Pell Grant because I am a single

42. I have been back in school for 2 years---I have an
Associate of Liberal Arts in History and I currently carry a
3.967 GPA.

41. I have been fencing and using a bow since I was 4.

40. At 16, I could pull back a 60-lbs. compound bow.

39. I am published in a scholarly journal in my field!!! (if you
read about this already shove off--I'm excited, dammit!)

38. Up until I started getting active on this site again, I had
never been with a guy that was beyond a year and a half
older than me..... now I think I like older men better

37. I've known since that first European tour that I was
bicurious when I saw a live sex show and realized that I
couldn't keep my eyes off the woman and I wanted more
than anything to make a woman feel that way.... (mind
you--I was 14)

36. I enjoy baking--wearing a red set of panties and a bra---
sometimes I just wear the panties and a white apron

35. people bother the fuck out of me, but I still love them
anyway.... I'd be a misanthrope if I didn't care so much.

34. I seriously think I could be a lesbian--esp lately, but I am
still clueless when it comes to women and I couldn't
thoroughly flip because I love being filled with a nice hard/
thick cock WAY TOO MUCH....

33. I am a control freak, but in the "fun way."

32. Although I am not interested in personal trendiness, I LOVE
to read "In Style" magazine. I love the designers!

31. Although, I consider myself polyamorous, I think I'd like to
be married one day.

30. Sometimes I dun think before I say things and I am very
blunt when I am pissed at people.

29. I, usually, make little or no noise during sex, but I gaze
deeply into my partner's eyes.

28. I admit to being an attention whore sometimes--I love
being the center of attention.

27. I HATE DRIVING! *screams*

26. I have never had any nails.

25. I have never had a dress that cost more than $60.

24. I would love to have a chance to wear a formal gown and
get my hair and makeup done or something neat like
that.... I'd like to feel pretty---

23. I am 26 years old, yet I have never felt like anything more
than a gawkish girl.

22. I have never had flowers bought for me.

21. I have never really had a man that did ANYTHING special
for me.

20. I like to pretend I am a terribly strong woman, but
underneath it all--I am scared and insecure most of the

19. I LOVE Björk's music!

18. I forget sometimes that I am only human...

17. I am stubborn as all hell!!!

16. I am very opinionated.

15. I wake up with my hand in my panties a lot

14. I guarantee you, I think of sex more than you do!

13. I have had a shit-job in just about every field imaginable.

12. I have a panty fetish AND a stocking fetish (ask me if you
must know)

11. I have equilibrium and balance problems....

10. These problems have caused several embarrassing
situations for me on public transit systems... *frowns*

9. I have always had a very poor immune system... I get sick a

8. I HATE having my picture taken.

7. When I am depressed, I buy myself pretty undies/skivvies or
old books.

6. It's NOT the sex... it's the look you get on yer face, kids... I
LIVE for "THAT" look.... (and yeah--I like my own
orgasms... speaking of which...)

5. I am multi-orgasmic and I can squirt (I hear I taste good,

4. I wish I could race rally cars

3. I love women who are strong and kickass! ( mentors,

2. I use cheesy movies like "Flashdance" and "Legally Blonde"
to motivate me to do whatever it is that my lil heart wants
to do in life.... *blushes*


1. Up until around a week ago--I used to hate the 69
position.... now I dun mind it so much

ya... there you have it... wasn't that boring as hell? (I'll prolly supply more useless shit when I reach 100---I just figured this would be fun

and for yer last flair of mel for the day... I leave you with yer moment of zen... I pic of me from when I was 17 to laugh at or gaze at

NTTs_ilsuconu 60M

7/10/2006 2:13 pm

Such an interesting person you are! And it's nice to see a different meaning for "69"... not that the traditional meaning is a bad thing, yanno!

rm_mk1867 59M
60 posts
7/10/2006 4:01 pm

Impressive resume! your hired.

NSAAddict 43F

7/10/2006 4:18 pm

Wow, that's a really great list! Love that you picked 69, I did that too, it just seems so much more appropriate here

vrec_dawn 41M

7/10/2006 4:36 pm

Okay, most of them were funny, sexy, or inspired. But these...

22. I have never had flowers bought for me.

21. I have never really had a man that did ANYTHING special
for me.

...were just freaking sad! That's awful! That's just not right!

Hell, right now there's even a boquet of dead roses I bought my ex (they were alive when I gave them to her) for our aniversary still perched above the microwave. They were the most beautiful set of white roses with purple highlights. I'm not sure why I don't throw them out now that they're dead, other than that they symbolize our marriage pretty well and serve as a good daily affirmation not to beat a dead horse by trying to fix things. Yeah, I'm weird.

As for the makeup, I wish more women had the guts to do it. War paint looks funny IMHO. Natural real beauty is way better than any mask, no matter how artful.

JudeL5 47M  
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7/10/2006 7:17 pm

Very cool! Thanks

I'll probably do a "15 @ 15" because "just don't post as much"...


ProtonicMan 49M

7/10/2006 7:39 pm

Great list. Thanks for baring your soul. Next time, how 'bout baring more skin on the picture?


SirluvsStorms 47M
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7/11/2006 10:27 am

5. I am multi-orgasmic and I can squirt (I hear I taste good,

To this day this still amazes me!

hilariuxx 49M

7/24/2006 2:48 pm

not boring in any sense!!
you are your violin is the most important thing. dont give a damn about the bullshit around, especially dont listen to other people. not worth spending the energy. think for yourself.
never quit the quest!

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