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6/7/2006 1:15 pm

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6/10/2006 7:25 am


I just found a kickass music vid on a disc I hadn't explored that a pal gave me awhile ago. well, actually--it was from a guy I was engaged to before I met my daughter's father....

I'm listening to the words and I think he was trying to tell me something... he always had a funny way of doing that--- he send me lots of songs that told me how he felt. I remember when my daughter's father and I used to do that....

it's amazing how things fall very much apart--sometimes they crumble in yer hands.... and isn't it a damn shame...?

(if yer curious--it's an Apocalyptica [cello ensemble] song featuring Ville Valo [H.I.M.] and Lauri Y. [Rasmus] called "Bittersweet")

ProtonicMan 49M

6/7/2006 9:12 pm

I remember doing that, too. Mix tapes with an old flame... Course, that was OLD technology, too. They can be bittersweet.

I'll have to check that tune out. Apocalyptica, well, what I know of them, is very cool. Their Metallica covers are awesome, but I know they have done more.


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