i have this dream  

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11/7/2005 10:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i have this dream

this fantasy.. i've been having it the last few days

It starts out simple enough.. me going to a spa for a massage.. the funny thing is that i really don't like massages because I'm so sensitive that the normal pressure of a message feels very uncomfortable.. but anyway..

so I'm at this spa.. and i'm given the choice of what kind of massage I want, all i have to do is lower the robe and whatever is expose that is how far the massage will go. and I'm blindfolded, yeah blindfolded.

so I decided to go all the way, I'm alone in this room and I toss nice warm robe aside and lay on my stomach blindfolded and naked. I can't see and all i hear is some soothing sounds coming from the hidden speakers. I lay there waiting, feeling the cool air from the ac as it brushes my sensitive skin. I feel goosebumps all over my skin in anticipation as i wait there.

finally i hear the door open but because i'm blindfolded I can't see who it is. He doesn't say a word as I feel him approach me. suddenly his finger's skim over my skin starting at the back of my neck, slowly gently down my back and over the curve of my ass, along the crack and finally down the back of my right leg.

and I can't move, i have to keep perfectly still because I know if I do he'll stop and I really don't want him to stop.

then i feel both his hands at my shoulder, coated in oil, they begin to kneed my shoulder's gently with very little pressure, the way i like it, and he continues down my back. he spends some extra time on my ass, massaging, squeezing once side then the other, letting his fingers wander down until it reaches my very wet, and aching p*ssy. I groan feeling the pressure of his finger, something i had been wanting since the first time his fingers touched my skin. but he's only teases me and continues down the back of my legs, taking his time as i continue ache.

"turn around" i hear his whispered words in my ear, and I do, eager to see what he does. His hands once again start at the top, my shoulder blades, and my arms are still raised over my head, once again i can't move. He slides his hands, palms open down the front of me, brushing my breast, my nipples and then lower. my stomach and my p*ssy, his thumbs sink in briefly as he continues down my body.

he quickly returns to the top and begins his light massage, quickly focusing on my breast,kneading, rubbing them. then i feel his tongue, it flicks my sensitive nipple and I can't help but raise it to him. he takes first the right one into his mouth, sucking hard, tucking then slighly bitting it. as he continues to torture my right breast his hand is kneeding the other one, rubbing and pinching it. he's sucking on my breast so hard, i can't help but moan it feels so good. he switches to the other and begins to do the same thing making me even hotter and wetter.

he gives them one last lick and continues his massage down my body. then he does it, he gently speads my legs wide skimming his fingers down my p*ssy. he tugs me down the bed and i feel my legs fall off the bed and before i know it he's spread my legs as wide as possible and i feel his mouth on me, his tongue sucking me and as my hips start to raise. his tongue is amazing, licking me, his mouth won't let go as he begins to suck on my clit so hard i can feel my self barely hanging on. he continues to do this until i can't hold back anymore and I cum so hard i don't realize i've screamed loud enough to bring the walls down.

the orgasm hits me so hard i can still feel the aftershocks even after he helps me lay down once again properly on the bed. my legs won't cooperate and my heart rate won't slow down.

it takes me a second when i finally realize that it's too quite, slowly i pull off the blindfold and look around and realize that i'm once again alone.

and all i can think about is how i really, really want another massage.

so, that is the dream i've been having for the past couple of days. of course, i'm always wishing it would end with "him" f*cking me as well as having me as a meal..

maybe he won't leave so soon tonight.. ;0

rm_FaRizzo 31M
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11/8/2005 2:51 am

Awesome dream, would love to give you that massage

RuffAndReady0021 34M
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12/10/2005 8:21 pm

WoW, you are an amazing writer. Thank you that was truly enjoyable to read.

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