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9/7/2006 8:49 pm

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9/13/2006 8:26 am

Social Graces

Would someone please explain to me what happened to social graces? To all who are lost I am talking about the way of treating one another with respect, class and dignity.

I do understand this is a "Sex site" and believe me I am not looking for my prince charming, like some of the other women are on this site. That in itself is a completely separate Blog. The point I am trying to make is some feel that just because this is a sex site it is alright to come at someone like a cheap whore.

I understand that to some time is of the essences for you, and you want to get laid. Okay who doesn't? Only to write someone you have never had contact with before and describe to them in detail as to what you are going to do to them....that is wrong. To who's benefit are you doing this for, theirs or yours? Not to mention without speaking to them, how do you know they are into the same things you are, or even to the degree you are into them?
Setting up dates and not showing, or talking a big game only to not follow through. There are so many things that have gotten lost and it is a shame.

Many of you say you want a lady in the street and a freak in bed....okay that is a reasonable request. However, how can she be a lady when you insist on treating her like a freak before you even know her? Understand this basic point of social graces, her reactions towards you is based upon your actions towards her.....

Food for thought.

maturebbwseeker2 39M

9/8/2006 11:46 pm

*checking my ego at the door*


Seriously though, I think you know the answer to the question already. It IS in fact a sex site. I can't speak for anyone, but taking a stroll through the chatrooms, the way some men talk to women, it's as if they live in a fantasy where all the women here are either sluts, or will oblige to their every request. People complaining they don't get write-backs, or don't get responses at all....have they taken a look at their profiles or stopped to read the crap they send women? A lot of people here would rather remain anonymous for obvious reasons, and some of them presume everyone here is here for the same reason: no-strings attached sex. That's not always the case.

As far as finding prince charming goes, it's possible. Just because people are here looking for sex doesn't mean we're all man-ho's incapable of fathoming the idea of a long or long-ER termed relationship. There are a lot of really good guys here. Quite a few assholes, but probably more good apples than bad seeds. Some are just ill-informed that all women are turned on by comments like "I wanna f*ck you" or "show me your tits and ass on cam"...


Isabel72006 replies on 9/12/2006 3:33 pm:
I am not saying there are not some good men on this site. I am saying most are thinking with their dick then their brain. Coming at a stranger like a whore is not the way to get them into bed. I mean come want a whore hit up St. Catherine street. As for Prince Charming on AdultFriendFinder....I am thinking if a woman places that in her brain and is meeting some of the individuals I am she will be very disappointed. That is all.

jerry4oralfun 63M

9/12/2006 11:58 am

Unfortunately, I think most social graces are checked at the door when people log on to this site. I think they feel since they can remain somewhat anonymous, they can act like assholes. Actually, I think most are just that, assholes, and they feel they can get away with since they are online. They know they aren't going to get slapped in the face or kicked in the balls for saying some of the things they say.

Isabel72006 replies on 9/12/2006 3:43 pm:
I know, it is rather insulting. I know this is a sex site, however I do have a brain in my starting a conversation with me saying "Got Cock, No, Ya Want Some?" not the best intro. It doesn't work in the "real world" why would it work here? Honestly do they think it they think I will respond....Oh Yes Yes Yes Baby, pick me up in your 80's IROC Z, with the missing muffler.... No I don't mind the acid washed jeans and mullet....

As if...Talk to me like a gentleman and I will be your lady....

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