1st entry, everyone at least has 2  

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7/29/2006 7:07 pm

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1st entry, everyone at least has 2

Ahh yes, let my rambling begin. (this thing have spellcheck?)

Of course it's my 1st entry here. Like the topic states, everyone has 2? (or 3 or 4 or more). No doubt a fact.

Sooo, let me start by saying hello and thanks to those that have taken the time to read my crazy off-kilter, sometimes undecernable ramblings. I'd imagine it will be sporadic at best but I'll make my best effort to keep timely updates. - Yeeaaa Right...

Ok, next thing I want to add is a comment on the the Blog posts specific to West Texas area here at Friendfinders, or lack of actually.

1st, It's funny to me some people actually think that blogs are just random forums and determined incorrectly it's the right place to post things like "Sexy Stud NEEDS Some now" you know? Yea, he appears to be every persons dream. Actually he might be? So maybe I'm wrong, anyone? Bueller?

Next, Is West Texas devoid of intellects? I'm no Einstein but there seems to be a lack of bloggers from this area? Maybe ppl are too lazy to make the attempt, too scared or just don't give a shit? - which may actually work out to the benefit of those of us that do? (makes mental note to elpoit this fact) Of course the audience is probably just as small?! Again, just an observation. But when some guy from France who writes in french is the most watched blogger on Friendfinders? Something isn't right there. Maybe I'll drop this in Babblefish, convert to french and give him a run for his money? O yea, context -it's the context.

Now, I know I appear a synic, but I swear I am not! - Just getting those little things off my chest now, then I'll go to my happy-place. I am sure that my future Blog posts won't maintain the cynicism this one does. But again this is my 1st here. So please don't hate me for venting initially - I'm sure someone here will set me straight but I believe I'm not alone in my above observations. So, come-on West Texas, Let's hear from you!

And finally - Anyone have those type of friends or acquaintances that are absolutely MAD? I mean un-medicated, sometimes "scary mad"? But then you just can't seem to get away from them? I certainly know a few - maybe more than I should but there is this one guy? He started out as a client of my mine several years ago and then somehow he got it in his mind we are "bestest" friends? Then try as I might, I keep avoiding him, his calls his e-mails, etc. But then he is always e-mailing me this random, outlandish, CRAZY ASS funny dam shit. So like a crack addict I sometimes find myself sitting there anxiously awaiting those Crazy insane e-mails.

Seriously! - Here's the one from today:

You have more email addresses then my girl friend has pubic hair. Gees; get a razor, a schlick is good. It has six blades and shaves where the sun don’t shine, rinse it once and you can use it like thin Polish toilet paper, you know of course, polish toilet paper is like a donut, it has a big hole in the middle, yeppur, Pres Bush thinks the entire country should be more conservative and learn from them Pollock’s. He knows more about polls then you and I and the rest of the world do, hell he has rigged enough of them. So that makes his statement valid, just like a parking ticket for a canoe in the middle of the Atlantic.

Some Fucked up shit...

Hey, But if you guys like? I'll keep posting them in my blog from time to time, because like myself you are also probably warped mentally in some form. Otherwise you wouldn't be here on FF's nor reading my "quiet maddness".


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