Dark Knights and lieges  

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2/24/2006 9:03 pm

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Dark Knights and lieges

It was Monday that it started, yes I remebeer now. Mondays usally seem to draw themselves out, but that day somehow slipped into eternity. There was something cinereous of it all. Though the hands of the clock were moving, the gathering of it's minutes seemed alteered and decelerated. " Just a rough begining", one thought. Nothing a quick spread of food and solid cataplexy wouldn't cure.
Climbing the pouch I felt downtrodden to the commodity of my journey. Now I but one desire, and reaching my bed a feeling embrasive welcomed me.
There now I lay responsive yet musing. Aware of the growing incipience, a steady loss of control in this inadvertent state.
Morpheus in his blessing for my want, had now laid me to abyss of the baneful harpy. They or it played joyously now at my forthcoming. I say they or it for my mind was bemused with the awe to the excitement which now surrounded me. In what should have been the eclipse of my slumber, was alight by color and brightness, of what seemed to be an infinite bolt of lighting.
A feeling a first of being the statuesque god, at the focus of prayer, the empowering over the cowering massed. But this was to change and change ever so drastically. For now, the reverence towards my vital source withered. Static filled the void between, with the change. The reliztion of my misinterpertation, shook me to my very soul. For there would be no cowering masses but one. A liege for the whims of all that gathered. Scores of which would brush the duration of my serviance

Infinite my stay, a cowering mass to be. Pushed from the gates, Hell my decree

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