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Male Sex Toys

Saw this wee article on some of the male sex toys out there. Has any of the guys ever used a sex toy or has any of the ladies ever saw her fella using one or use them in their sex life?

I must admit I've never tried any and have no real urge to use any cause I can't imagine them being any good. I would love to though because I think the girls are spoilt with vibrators...especially that Rampant Rabbit, man I've seen some of my girlfriends give themselves some mind blowing orgams using that thing. I'm jealous!

There is a wide range of toys that fall into every category out there. They range anywhere from erection rings (cock rings), penis extenders, masturbators, and even penis pumps. Millions of dollars are being spent each year on toys for men, and the trend is climbing. Male toys have gained in popularity over the last decade, and more and more men are coming to use sexual aids, for both themselves and with their partners.

Erection Rings - Commonly known as the cock ring, these are very popular in men to help control climaxing, and prolong their erections. Made of silicon or latex, these aids come in a variety of textures, size`s, and design. They also have sleeves which slip over the penis, and are usually ribbed or studded.

Penis Extenders - Also known as Prosthetic Penis Attachment, these aids can be attached with a strap or slip on like a condom. Primarily used to add girth and length, this helps for deeper penetration while helping to stimulate an erection. They are also a great item to help in relationships where there are few options for medical conditions such as premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation Pumps - Not to be confused with penis pumps. These are used to simulate intercourse, and are specifically designed for pleasuring ones self. The difference between masturbation pumps and penis pumps is masturbation pumps simulate intercourse by increasing and decreasing the amount of vacuum suction in the tube therefore simulating the motion of sex.

Penis Pumps - Now penis pumps, on the other hand, are strictly used to help fatten and elongate the penis. By vacuuming all the air of the tube, the penis is allowed to expand in the free space causing free blood flow into the shaft. Of course some swear by penis pumps, and other`s say if anything, would help fatten the penis instead of lengthen. Extreme caution should be used when attempting to use a penis pump, as serious injuries can be sustained if used improperly.

Dolls - For those lonely adventurous types, try a virtual doll. Most of the new ones are made of synthetic foam, and not some blown up contraption. These dolls feel very life like, and doesn’t take NO for an answer. They will never turn you down, and are willing to take it in any position or any way. Most accept it from anywhere, and the more costly one are even remote controlled.

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well :

smart jelly dolls picture
post 395297

DukeAbbaddon 43M
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7/3/2006 6:19 am

well truthfully 2 facts the first i got was way crap it was years ago and was 10 pounds , solid plastic and crapy fake to

the new one a picture to amuse bodyworkssmjpg is les personal and adds some diference to experiance
but its like comparing a sandwich to a ham roll its just diferent :

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