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I crave so much. I want what I am not supposed to have. Oh well is it to much to ask to be constantly satisfied..Isn't that what men want. You know to be wanted all the time. I think its shitty when men can eyeball anything thing they want all the time...but if women do the same it makes them less of a person. I should keep my legs crossed and my mouth shut...I don't think so...I want my legs wide opened and a cock buried deep inside of me...and as for my mouth any kind of flesh will do...Bend me over , Pull my hair, my pussy with all your might make me give up. Hurt me , Take all your anger out on me. Then baby me afterwards put me back together make me feel like a princess...Tell I am special because I took your abuse so well..Because your cock broke me and made me weak for the moment. I am so dominate in everyday life...I really don't think I am sexually submissive either..but I want to be broken and rebuilt again ...the victim and the Marytar

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3/10/2005 9:07 am

I would love to help you out. I like your attitude and thank we could have a lot of fun.

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