Up against you, my skin slides  

rm_Irie_Toronto 42M
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10/6/2005 6:53 am

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8/30/2008 7:47 pm

Up against you, my skin slides

Up against you, my skin slides,caramel. caribbean and smooth,
like water over earth, reflective yet so absorbent.

Your hair whispers through my fingers,
as I softly tug at it, pulling your head back slowly.
Up against the wall, pressed so close to me, so close that my eyes can only focus on you and on the moment.
Sometimes this is just a dream, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference, but i knew it was real, when I felt me inside of you.

I layed you down on the bed and layed on top of you, caressing every curve of your body. So perfect, yet so very different,looking like one beautiful shape

Your hips slip and move beneath the moon, and you begin to feel me make your body shake and quiver.

Your soul starts repeating my name under its breath, and I feel the lusting and thrusting underneath the sheets.

You wrap your long legs around my warm body, as you begin to submerge yourself deeply inside of me.

Nothing has ever felt so good, and you just made it feel better , with every stroke, every movement, grabbing on to my hips, kissing my neck and chest.

Speaking to me with your tongue- I wanted you inside of me forever.I pushed myself as deep as ever, to match you, you continue moving rhythmically, faster and more vigorously.
Your moaning got louder, your breathing becomes heavier. Our bodies soaking wet, rubbing against one another.
Our moment has arrived, as I empty in you. and you begin to quiver, screaming and shaking, as you begin to come over my physical being.. drowning me in your passion and lust...

that night we became one. that night we filled a void in each others lives.
That night I hope to repeat.

rm_sexytrini_p 44F
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2/2/2008 7:03 am

I hope you get yoru wish to repeat... nice

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