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8/18/2006 7:57 am

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I arrived at the pub half an hour early, not because I'm anal but the meeting finished sooner than I thought. I ordered a diet coke and sat, looking around the pub it seemed quiet and nice enough. No random cigarette burns on the furniture, a good menu and good beer. It had the markings of being a fun and interesting afternoon. Soon she arrived and the effect on me was electric - she was beautiful, the sunlight beaming through her hair creating a halo like effect, a nervous hesistant smile and a flsh in her eyes. We sat, drank and talked - I clear forgot we had arranged to meet for lunch and the signals from my stomach were being shouted down by other parts of my body. She was sitting on the sofa next to me wearing a black dress that fell suggestively open at the knee and a coral pearl necklace that caressed her neck. She was dressed for the season - cool enough in the heat of the sun, but warm to stop the beginnings of autumn chill.

I truly can't remember what we talked about, but we did for hours - laughing at jokes and stories, sharing our life experiences whilst I would occasionally swim deep in the clear pool of her eyes. I just wanted to hold her close to me, to feel her heart beat against my chest, to run my hands through her hair as I kissed her passionately. But the lounge bar of the Vixen was not an appropriate place for that.

As we talked, we inched ever closer to each other until our fingers touched with a bolt of electricity that flashed through me. Soon our fingers locked and our hands entwined; I looked straight at her and no doubt she could see the passion and fire within me. A momentary pause in our conversation as I drank in her eyes and on impulse I said:

"I just want to give you a very passionate and deep kiss. Would that be ok?"

She smiled and nodded; so I leaned towards her and our lips met. Time seemed to standstill as we kissed softly, my tongue flicking across her lips, our mouths meeting and caressing each other.

The rest of the afternoon passed in luxurious conversation across many topics - family, friends, holidays. All the while, our hands entwined and my passion afire.

...and here I will leave off the discourse, as a gentleman never tells. If I am lucky enough to see the lady again (which I do hope) then I will count myself as very lucky. If the lady decides it will not happen, then I will treasure this afternoon in my memories. It will warm me when there is no sun.

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