Bean 2 The Bay  

Indian43vayours 36M
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7/25/2006 8:36 am
Bean 2 The Bay

Working @ the hynes has it's bennifits! Including the glass wall on the 1st floor that allows you to see all the gorgeous females this city has to offer! Thats just along Boylston street we haven't even started on Newbury, yet! It helps when you have a nice suit on, some clean shoes and a nice smile but it's a very hard to approach busy people in the street. Easier@ lunch time but still a challenge! It's not like down south things run alittle slower and people seem to be alittle nicer. You got people driving down the street waving to ya. When ur in the city somthing happens to you. That tends to make you not want to be bothered and everybody on the street should be hated 1st and liked last. Thats why it's important that boston remain a world wide hub to let other bright minds enlighten the rest. Most of my current friends(more resently added at leat)are from out of town. NY,Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, and Cali. Got to go holla back lata.

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