As I am drop-dead gorgeous!  

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12/30/2006 8:21 pm

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As I am drop-dead gorgeous!

Seriously folks, has anybody here ever experience the plastic surgery nightmare of "Sanctity"?
I look over and see that we are almost at 24/7 in membership alumni…..
I wonder how many of you had that slip your mind, it’s not all “that” important to me, but a beginner is more granted.
Do you get the feeling that black and white pictures are photos…. Majesty found be the individual.

When traveling at fast rates your ears may pop, so it’s hard for you to hear what your body may try to relay to you. And that’s to shut up, you may end up some place naked for all you care.

Stranger- Merry Chri……., I mean Happy New Year!
Me- Ow!! Watch it bitch, I’m taken!

*For guys: I hope that you do not get confused when “holding” a Playboy while having a bowel movement. That’ll redefine reading just fine for me.

I’m so vain: If you laughed at the handle “SexyCrap” like I did, I hope you had the audacity and charisma to stand the fuck up, and invitingly say that you’re sorry also!!!
-blockhatlast seems even harder to grasp!
I never believed in the inverted Trojan horse where you start with the niggers, that can only mean I hate, period!!! I see people try to get out and its to no avail. It gets very hot, and very fast, and I’m addictive. It’s a shame, a love for me I know I can open in anyone at anytime.
Truly there is no separation, no cutting anything off, especially people!!!!
So dumb, they’re friendly, way too friendly. It’s smothering, from parallax. My advice would be to cancel your subscription to the coupon club before I’m the last entity you see before the ground, Fucka!!!

Some people’s ignorance is so high that it’s hard to tell them that they died long ago!!!
I hear sounds, punishing and pummeling sounds of betrayal in the background, I do so enjoy them!
I know what you don’t like about me, and I don’t care, there’s one thing that you should know.
I can’t tell you, it will have to be face to face, no vice.
And plus, my baby is no longer in bondage, you’ll have a bigger problem if you step out of line.
Oh yeah, I am a guitarist also.

So, I got the Corona and ReaLime again…….., and a shout out to Marlboro menthol.

You gotta put: sex and death and drugs and life into everyday, or you’ll waste away. There’s no arguing with it, anyway that’s how I am, and I dare anyone to try and take it away from me. You’ll think that I set you up, your life is so lacking…….

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