Duck sex (continued)  

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8/13/2005 9:01 pm

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Duck sex (continued)

so her father walked over to my truck, and looked it over, of course while I was away. Apparently it didn't win his approval, because he walked up later and shook his head, then drove off, I feelng like a dumb a**, went fishing afterward with poles that I made in the case that any girl wanted to have a dreamy picknick, another thing that hasn't happened yet, so it's raining outside, and Im tired, I sat in the sun for 6 hours, my medication makes me hyper sensitive to the sun, so im drained.

Im going to curl up in a ball and cry tonight, well, all of this came from a couple of ducks getting their freak on...

I also havent eaten in two days, not because of that one incident, but because i'm in college and cant get a girl to go get a coke or ice cream, or one that hasnt gotten pregnant from some dumb a** at 15...
good night, where is that, ummm... thing

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