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8/16/2006 6:10 pm

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One more from the Archives


The poetry of my life flows through me
Like a river at the bend
Most of the time it travels its’ well worn course
Not making an outward mark of its’ passage
Yet occasionally overrunning its banks
Making a splash on the page of time
Forcing its’ way out of my head
And onto paper for the world to see

I enjoy these times of turbulent creativity
For what they let me express to the world
Letting my inner self be exposed for all to see
Releasing the pent up emotions of my existence
I also enjoy the times of peaceful flowing
When my muse keeps to herself
In her comfortable niche in my mind
The pain of writing can be terrible
Yet the pain of not writing can be just as bad
I guess that it is the pain of life that I feel
That can not be helped or relieved
Short of death
And I am not ready for that
Not yet.

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