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7/19/2006 4:49 pm

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My Shopping List

I am looking for a complete person.
One that enjoys deep conversations about the nature of existence as well as chats about everyday happenings.
One that feels comfortable sharing silence.

I am looking for someone to be with, to share with and to enjoy life with.

I am also looking for a person who is not afraid to "go it alone".

I want a person who is interested in what I do as well as what she does, in how I feel as well as how she feels.

I am looking for a helper, a companion, a cheerleader and a comforter.

I am looking for a person with depth and interests of their own.
Someone to teach me as well as learn from me.
Some to share with.

I am looking for a very special person. One whom I may give myself to completely without fear of being consumed. One who trusts me equally.

I am looking for respect in a disrespectful world, for love in a land of greed and avarice, for help without being asked "what's in it for me?".

I feel Quixotic in my search. How many windmills must I tilt with? How many mountains to cross until I am found by the one that I search for?

Only time will tell.

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