Tired of being good, now I want to be bad.  

Idunno135 34M
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5/16/2006 5:27 pm
Tired of being good, now I want to be bad.

If I could be very open right now it's been a while and due to a close encounter in Vegas I want nothing more than to get laid and play with a girl all night long, as long as she's clean and I have condoms thta is. Foreplay or Sex, I don't care, either way I'm not leaving until she can't cum anymore. It's very rare I get into this mood. But I need to forget some things and get some good feelings moving.

Namely, what would I like to forget for a while?

Once again I am waiting for a chance to be with someone special. Once again someone walks right in and gets to be with her with no effort while I have been there for years just for the time of day. I should have realized it was going to happen, every time we start to get really close another one of these "perfect guys" pop outta the works. And usually she's so intrested in someone new that me, who has been here for a long time gets sorta dropped. After a while she finds out these guys are crap and spends time with lowly old me again, realizing that I am "Really the only perfect guy" and the rest are assholes.

So she runs into some guy when we were in Vegas, now he's all she'll talk about, and me? Oh well I am still number one, but she's scared we'll ruin our relationship right now... >.<

So I wanna do something crazy for me again, last time was so damn good for my stress, just to let go and fuck a girl's brains out till she screamed over and over.

Yes, very crude of me but you know what? Waiting 17 years for a girl you get tired of being the "nice guy" every now and then. Hell, the girl I'm waiting for has said she wouldn;t mind me playing around, I would get some stress relief and get some exp for when we do get together. (Odd that she's so damn firm in this thought while saying she's intrested in marrying someone else too... God what a fucked up relationship I'm in!)

I just want to forget this feeling of "i'm not good enough" in my stomach and make a girl moan and say she likes it and wants it. That's always a great confidence booster.

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